Gone Groom - Student Film

by Ryan McCann in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Gone Groom - Student Film
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Gone Groom is a comedy that tells the story of Jeremy, who is about to marry the love of his life...however, he as some last minute doubts

by Ryan McCann in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

My name is Ryan McCann and I am a second year student at Staffordshire University. I am an aspiring filmmaker who wants to one day make it in the film/TV industry.

My student film is a 3-5 minute comedy fiction film that tells the story of Jeremy Trapp, a 26 year old game designer who is about to marry the love of his life, Isobel Young.

Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding Jeremy begins to have some doubts. Concerned on what is taking him so long, the best man Luke goes to check on Jeremy, with the bride’s father (Gary) later joining them.

They spend the rest of the film trying to convince Jeremy to “man up” and go and get married. After some comedic back and fourth dialogue between the three characters, Jeremy realises that all he is feeling is fear and that he really does want to marry Isobel.

Gary leaves the room first, shortly followed by Luke who gives Jeremy a final hug and wish of good luck before he gets married. The film then ends with Jeremy making his decision, which I will not spoil for anyone. 

I want to create a film that I can look back on and be proud of. I also want to make a film that makes people laugh. I hope with your help that I can create an entertaining and funny film. 

Any money that is kindly donated towards the making of this film will contribute to covering various costs that I can simply not cover on my own due to limited funds. This includes covering travel costs for my cast and crew, catering costs and location costs. 

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