The Opera Story: Goldilocks

We are fundraising towards the World Premiere of a new opera: Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs. Coming soon: February 2018!

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £7,310 of £5,000 target with 91 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

WOOOP WOOOP! Our first target of £5,000 has been reached.

Many thanks to you all for helping us reach this first milestone! It really means a lot to us!

Let's try to make it even better, and aim for the £7,000 mark. A mark on a par with what we did last year.

Why a new target?

Well, everyone needs a new challenge, and then creating new opera needs all the support we can get.

We had set a safe and reachable target of £ 5,000, as we went all-or-none, but it was not going to cover all of the production costs, as these are more than twelve times that.  

The new target will allow us to get a bit closer to that and complement other private and public funding we have secured already.  But we still have some way to go to cover all costs, so the more we can raise, the better we can show other potential funding partners the importance of the movement we have created and the enthusiasm that projects like this can generate. 

 And did we mention that the rewards for backers are still there? 

What happens from here?

The additional funding from this new target will be allocated in the same way as the money that has been pledged so far, going towards guaranteeing fair fees to all the amazing young talents who are already enrolled in this project.

Many thanks again for your invaluable support - long live young opera. And see you all in February!


and The Three Little Pigs

Last year, we created our first opera, Snow, and many of you helped make it a reality and a success…

Well, we are at it again this year!

Yes, a brand-new opera, but one part of the recipe hasn't changed: our commitment to a new opera that you cannot see anywhere else - created by a new generation of artists of great talent, and presented in a format that will allow the audience to feel its power and its magic as closely as possible.

New opera, great! But what do Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs have in common?

Well, for the answer, you will have to come, see it, and find out for yourself!

Dominic Kimberlin’s libretto and Vahan Salorian’s music will uncover connections between these stories and a new side of these characters and their psychological journey. This is part of the magic of telling stories in the language of opera: you will discover a whole new dimension of stories you thought you knew so well.

Whether you are a big opera fan, or have not quite made up your mind about opera yet, it will be surprising and unexpected!

Tell me more! When? Where? Who?

The World Premiere is in February 26, 2018.

We’re returning to Peckham, to the Copeland Gallery this time, a venue offered to the imagination and creativity of Director and Designer Pedro Ribeiro.

We are also delighted by the team that is joining us on this new adventure.

The orchestra will be led by Paul Wingfield.

And the cast will see Alice Privett returning for the title role, along with Carolyn Dobbin, Nicholas Lester and Daniel Keating-Roberts.

I'm in! How can I help?

Opera is a labour of love, involving the time and work of large teams, all working with great attention to detail towards the same aim: making sure that the performance is a great experience, and does justice to a great new piece of work.

It is also a challenging business to finance, because it is impossible to cover all the costs associated through ticket sales, unless you make them prohibitively expensive. Something that would defeat the purpose of sharing its beauty with as many as possible.

This is why we need your help today.

Where does the money go to? Artists’ fees and production costs make up almost 90% of our overall budget, as we run our company on a volunteer basis and with very little overheads and administrative costs.

This means that your support will go straight to the artists that bring this work to life, to creating new art and to an unforgettable experience.

THANK YOU for making this possible - on behalf of all the amazing talents behind Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs!

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