GoGames Comparison Website

GoGames Comparison Website

Fund the creation of GoGames, the easy game comparison website which allows people to compare prices of the same game all in one place.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About this project

GoGames will enable people to compare games prices in one place and share them prices with others. We live in a world where we are just a click away from each other and the gaming industry is growing bigger and bigger in our day to day life. This website would show all the trusted website like Steam, G2A or Amazon, comparing the prices and showing you the lowest price. The website would be free and allow any person or party to use it however there would be a registration stage. The registration stage will ask the person to link their social media profiles for example Steam, Facebook or Twitter, this would allow us to know what media platform we need to target but also the more social media accounts you have, the more offers you will get. Member can update the profile at anytime and make there information privite or public on the website. Looking for games couldn't be any easier, the home screen will display a search box which will allow the person to type in what game they are looking for, we also want the website to be simple, so DLC are inside of the game viewing list. When buying product in the viewing list, the trailers and gameplay images will be at the top of the page, while reviews and prices drops over the lifespam of the game will be at the bottom. 

Risks and challenges

Gaming is across so many different platforms and could create some challengers trying to bring platforms all together. We also have some risk like how to keep the website running without having money, and we have come up with some plans however we are going to see how this progresses.

Thanks for your support

Ashley Pike

CEO & Founder