Goddess Liberation

by Charlotte Little in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Goddess Liberation
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This project will start a feminine pleasure revolution! Offering supportive mentorship to women to sexually empower & liberate them

by Charlotte Little in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Hey Gods/Goddesses & divine humans 

Allow me to introduce my sweet self... I'm Charlotte 


I teach yoga & work to empower & liberate women like you.

So that you can step into a place of sensual liberation, body connection & pus.sy power 

I wasn't always connected with my s.ex 

A violent encounter on my travels through India set me on an unexpected 4 year path of deep healing 

After years of work I realised the trauma was hidden in my pus.sy 

She was holding onto that event in her physical tissues & shutting it out of my mind...

I've never spoken about my story online before .. But pleasure has given me the healing & confidence to do so 

Pleasure liberated me 

Pleasure rebuilt me after my abusive experience.

Pleasure reconnected me to my body in a deeper way than I could have ever imagined 


Now I want to guide women to find thier empowerment.  To feel safe in their own body, to be sensual as a FREE choice & to no longer feel suppressed

These funds will help me cover the running & setup costs of this project, renting space for Goddess meetings, running the epic website & Zoom licence, building more resources for women to access & holding space for women on a regular basis. 


There's too many women that have this story & never connect to pleasure again.

Im here to tell you it's possible - & the results are beyond your wildest dreams!

I dream of a world where women feel safe in a dress, where we can feel pleasure without shame,  where we can explore & enjoy our bodies instead of cursing them for the harassment they bring.


"So many positive changes have happened since joining the circles. I always take away such a powerful message after every meeting & it’s my favourite day of the month" - Goddess Sarah, Germany

"The transformative effects of the Circle have been felt strongly in the following days. It truly feels like I’ve been initiated into the magical power of women coming together.

I am so honoured and grateful for the experience, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!" - Heather, UK 

Why I need help

I want to express gratitude for living in the UK, having access to health care & want to acknowledge the freedom that my white & able body allows me. 

Since the pandemic I have struggled to hold down a job. I live in a rural area & have been temping to cover the cost of running this project & starting my dream business. 

Im living with my parent now & feel so grateful for the roof over my head but feel unable to reach the women who need my help with the small amount of income I can currently earn in this situation. This funding will help me create a platform that women can turn to for healing & liberation. 

It will give me the accessibility to buy a laptop & create more spaces for supportive community gatherings. 

I am deeply grateful for your passion in women's birthright to feel like the wild free Goddess they were born to be! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Rainforest Trees

3 trees planted to a rainforest in need via More Trees Eco.

£150 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Community Courses

I will gift a 1 month pleasure course worth £220 to a local women's centre for all their attendees to access

£200 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Community Circle

I will hold a FREE in person 2 hour women's circle in my local community so everyone has access to support

£500 or more

Rainforest Preservation

We will preserve the rainforest together by purchasing acres of sacred land & protecting it from deforestation

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