Goddesse Education Christmas Campaign 2016

Goddesse Education Christmas Campaign 2016

Brynn Children's Home India - Goddesse Education Christmas Campaign The children are orphans - but at Christmas they give to the homeless.

We did it!

On 8th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £310 with 10 supporters in 42 days

Brynn Children's Home Christmas Campaign

Brynn Children's Home is a non governmental and non proft making organisation  working with underpriveleged children - orphans and the abandoned. This is a home of love and affection for the children. Some of them have been abandoned and are left with no family, no home and no hope. BCH embraces such children and moulds them into happy, healthy and self confident ones. Our mission is to change the lives of such children by providing long term care. This includes education, healthcare and the skills necessary to transform their future.  BCH was founded with the intention of serving the deprived and disadvantaged children of society irrespective of religion, caste, community, gender or tribe. 
'What makes this children's home different is that the children have nothing. Nothing that is except love. And of course that is everything. What makes this children's home different is what the children do every Christmas. They prepare food and go to distribute that food to the homeless on the streets of Andhra Pradesh. Yes you read that right. They spend their Christmas Day giving food to other people who have no food or shelter or family. Your pledge will go to buy that food - for the children and for the people on the streets.  Your tenner will go a long way."
Alice Smith Goddesse Education
'We are so pleased to be working together with Goddesse Education this year to help improve children's lives. Your money will go towards new clothes, shoes, Christmas gifts for the children, Christmas food such as cakes and a special dinner, food distribution to the homeless and other vulnerable children and old people in the town. Please help us to make this Christmas a happy one for the children." 
Abhishek Samuel, Manager of Brynn Children's Home
Objectives of Brynn Children's Home
Nurturing orphans and abandoned children with love and care - providing shelter, food clothes, medical aid and formal education, 
Fighting to eradicate child labour
Rescuing abandoned children from slums, streets and public places
Training in developmental skills to help the children lead independent lives
Fighting for the rights of children
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