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Our project aim is to help feed homeless and animals in need by recycling your waste using our special recycleable vending machines.

by GoDawg in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to GoDawg. We are a project dedicated to helping homeless animals and the environment. The idea is that you put your recyclabes into our vending machine and then that machine will be able to dispense dog food for homeless dogs. We encourage everyone to use one of our GoDawg Vending Machines to recycle their plastic and metal. Our special machines are built to recycle and then dispense a portion of dog food into a feeding tray to help  homeless people and those in need to feed their furry companions.

 Our special vending machines cost £3000 for each unit. We hope to have 5 operating machines in  the UK by December 2017. With 4 situated across London and 1 in Bristol.  Our goal however is for every city to have at least one of these machines.

The Plan

We are currently in discussions with a manufacturer who will be building our vending machines. We have been given an estimate of £3000 per unit. Our aim is to have 4 in London and 1 in Bristol by the end of 2017.

The machines will be located in strategic postitions to maximise foot traffic and also easy to locate and use.

On average a family home will throw away over 40kg of plastic each year. Our aim is to sell the recycled waste to our chosen recycling plant and in exchange use the money to purchase dog food to supply our vending machines.

The Vending Machine

The vending machines have uniquely designed hatches where you put your recyclables. One hatch for plastics and one for metals. Once the item has been entered into the machine it will calculate its weight and add credits to the machine. The user can then use the machine to dispense food into a dog bowl at the bottom of the machine.

You can recycle anything that will fit in the hatch and has the recycle logo on it. The hatches are designed to take up to a 2L sized bottle.

 Any surplus of food will be donated to chosen dog rehoming charities and rescue centres in the local area.

Please see some useful facts below.

  • Our aim is to have one of our GoDawg Recycle Vending Machines in each city across the UK by 2019
  • Homlessness has risen by 30% from 2014/2015
  • Did you know that 3569 people sleep on the streets every night with majority having a pet as a companion
  • A dog is a great support for a homeless person. It is a remedy for loneliness, depression and also is a great form of security and responsibility
  • There is currently no support  to help the homeless feed their pets
  • Over 275,000 people last year approached their local authority for homlessness assistance
  • There are just over 35,000 bed spaces in hostels for homeless people in England . This has reduced by 4000 over the last 4 years and over half of homelessness services have seen their funding cut
  • You can help to feed a dog everyday by simply recycling the packaging after you finish your lunch

GoDawg is a Bath based social project which is solely funded by donations. Please help make this project happen by donating today. Any donation small or big is welcomed! 

Thank you for your support.


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