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Gobsmack Comics is opening a shop soon and you could be part of the journey!

We did it!

On 18th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £1,820 with 33 supporters in 28 days


As you all know, Gobsmack are opening a shop in Horsham and everyone is very excited about this, especially the bank (yeah those guys), as they are going to be making quite a bit of money from the loan we need to pay for our secret lair. As you can imagine, opening a shop costs a lot of money and we figured that rather than pay the bank loads of interest, what we would do instead is ask you sexy beasts to help us out.

Yes, we need your help, but what is in it for me you ask? Well, apart from supporting our awesomeness and helping to pay for our crime fighting costumes, we are also offering a multitude (well a few) of wonderful geeky incentives to go with it. What would you prefer, to be part of the reason Horsham gets the comic shop it deserves, or help the banks get a lot more of your hard-earned comic purchases?

You have the power to change things. This is a choice between good and evil, and as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. You can stand up, put on your mask and say, “No Mr. Banker, you will not get anything from us. Gobsmack is for the people!” So, we urge you, the Superheroes of Horsham to help our cause. Let’s fight the bankers together and make something that we can all be proud of.


PLEASE NOTE: This campaign is only going to be used to cover the initial outlay for the store, any money we make that is over what we require will be donated to our good friends at Iconic Legion towards their chosen charity. 


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