Motorbikes for Gobi Rangers

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Motorbikes for Gobi Rangers
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To purchase motorbikes for the rangers of the Great Gobi Special Protected Area to use to protect the National park and its wildlife.

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The Gobi, one of the largest deserts on the planet, is a place of extremes. It is a hostile environment of rock and sky, fluctuating from  over 30 degrees centigrade in the summer to  below 20 in the winter.

The Gobi is incredibly difficult to access due to vast expanses of rocky plateau and inaccessible mountain ranges. Despite of, or due to,  its extremes it is incredibly special. One of the last true wildernesses on earth it is home to many species of specially adapted plants and animals, including many endangered species. The Gobi bear, the snow leopard, the wild horse and the critically endangered wild camel are to name but a few. 

The Gobi is also threatened. Threatened by climate change, human encroachment and by illegal mining. But, we can help to solve some of these issues. All that it would take are some motorbikes. 

The Great Gobi Special Protected Area A is protected and patrolled by the incredibly hard working rangers. These rangers work in the harshness of the Gobi in the scorching summer sun to the freezing winter winds. Patrolling the thousands of kilometres of national park for illegal activity, conducting scientific research and monitoring wildlife. At the moment the number of patrols the rangers can conduct a month are limited. A crucial limiting factor being motorbikes. There are not enough motorbikes and fuel for every ranger.

The aim of this project is to buy some tough, good quality, fast motorbikes suitable for using in the Gobi. If the rangers had good quality bikes they could patrol more often and more efficiently. If they do this they are better equipped to protect the Gobi and all the species that call it home.

Help us to get the rangers some motorbikes suitable for their very difficult and important job of protecting the Gobi.

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