Goalkeeper blogs and training videos

Goalkeeper blogs and training videos

I am creating videos to help young and old goalkeepers improve by filming entertaining interviews with semi-pro and pro coaches and players.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Goalkeepers don't get enough coaching or advice in football these days and there is a lack of clear help online so i want to create YouTube videos and a website explaining the best training tips and techniques and also what equipment semi-pro and professional players use.

I play semi-pro football myself and have many connections into the semi-pro and professional game. I will film videos at different clubs during their training sessions. Players and coaches will test gloves, equipment, etc and give their opinions and will demonstrate on camera what they are talking about. They will also tell us their favourite drills and lots of tips and tricks to becoming a better goalkeeper.

I require investment for filming equipment and a decent microphone to produce a professional looking video. I grew up without the proper training and am disappointed with the lack of training and quality advice online and on YouTube these days so want to do something about it. I am incredibly passionate about football and want to help as many goalkeepers, young and old, improve their game.