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by Morgan - Mogs in Malleret-Boussac, , France

We did it
On 27th January 2019 we successfully raised £1,600 with 42 supporters in 42 days

Help Morgan, age 11, to keep creating, to be himself, and continue his dream to be a musician and composer.

by Morgan - Mogs in Malleret-Boussac, , France

Hi I'm Morgan (Mogs), I am 11years old. I have made this video to see if there is anyone out there that can help me. So here goes, fingers crossed! 

I guess you could say I am a bit different than most of the other kids I know. Mum and Dad say this is a good thing and I should keep on being me, but I don't have so many friends as a result.... There are lots of bullies at my main school but luckily I go to a great music class where there are others kids more like me. They are nice. They don't pick on me. 

I have been playing the accordion for three and a bit years, and I absolutely love to make my own music for it. 

If I want to keep going, I have to buy my own instrument this year.........!!!! 

The class rents them for a maximum of three years, then you have to pass it on to another kid - fair enough I guess, but not good news for me. 

In order to stay in my class I need a special type of accordion, one with special buttons that change the sound - so you can compose much more interesting stuff when you get good. They're really expensive and I have to raise at least 5.500 euro to get one! Crazy right? 

My teacher is amazing and although she's very strict we have lots of fun - which none of my school teachers really get..... 

Without one of these button accordions though I would have to stop, which would mean I'd have just my main school and no nice kids...... Pretty sucky. 

If you can possibly help me, I would be so unbelievably happy and grateful I can't say how much - there are no words. I promise I'll work really hard and someday I will invite you all to come and see my first concert. That's a sure thing. 

At some point I will get bigger and need an even bigger accordion - when that happens I will pass this one on (if I get it) to another kid who can't afford one - and I'll tell them they must pass it on too. A deal's a deal. 

Please help give me the chance to do this? 

Sending loads of love out to all you music lovers, Mogs.


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