Go Local

Go Local

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Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Go Local's vision, is to help univerity students find local businesses that offer student discount. 
Every year, we see more and more students, struggling to keep up with the increase of their expences. 
From renting, which is the main expence, to food and socialing. 

Why shouldn't we change that, and why not, support our local community at the same time?  

A local business, has the opportunity to help students by offering, once a week, or a few days per week a discount.
That will increase their revenue as students will prefer to go to that business, and as well help students save money. 

In the U.K there are over 2M international students, which they want to connect and engage with the community. 
A business that provides a discount, then can create a connection with those students, and if they have an event going on, then students will feel more comfortable to attain that event.

Go Local, is not just another business, it's a way of helping each other.  
Helping our society/community to work together to build a better future. 

Can you help me?