Gloverspiece Minifarm

Gloverspiece Minifarm

We are raising money for a new community building and training centre based at out animal rescue centre in Worcestershire. The training centre will offer facilites for physically disabled,people with learning disabilities, autism and disadvantaged young people. tha charity has been running for over 3 years and is now home to over 100 animals. we have outgrown our existing animal accommodation and need to provide better welfare facilities for over 30 volunteers. We have raised £120000 and constructed the building,we need a further £30000 to finish it.Please help us to install full disabled facilities including changing bed and hoist.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Gloverspiece is an accredited care farm situated within 2 miles od Droitwich which has  been established for 3 years.the farm is an 11 acre canal side property which is home to  a variety of rescued animals.Once rehabilitated they become the core offer of animal  therapy for our service users.We embrace the principles of care farming, principaaly  through the therapeutic use of farming practices,providing a supervised structured  programme of farming related activities.

 We welcome volunteers of any age, ability or knowledge.We have over 30 who have  proven themselves capable of taking a leading role in the daily activities both in relation to  animals and supporting vulnerable members of the community. Many of our young  volunteers are unemployed and we provide work experience to encourage and maximise  employment potential.

 Our service users include school and nursery children,older people, young offenders,  groups or individuals with mental healthissues,learning difficulties and behavioural  issues. 

 We currently find ourselves limited by our facilities so that we cannot cater for those with  mobility issues.An improvement in facilities would allow us to help those with physical  disabilities and older people. 

 So far we have raised over  £110000 towards the building project,the building has now  been constructed and we need approximately £30000 to commission, decorate and  equip the building. the £4000 target will pay for the disabled facilities  including changing  couch and hoist.

 The number of people we could reach using this new facility would be in excess of 1000  per year, we have a number of organisations waiting for its completion. such numbers  would help improve our economic sustainability. 

 We not only provide a service at the farm, but extend out to the community through a  variety of events throughout Worcestershire thanks to our licence allowing the provision of  animal roadshows.