Glove of Love

Glove of Love

This is about the right to love, regardless of sexual preference. It's a protest against the 76+ countries where it's illegal to be gay and some people can't show their love. A statement against most of the World looking the other way. It's a symbol to show support for people who can't show their love, for fear of persecution or worse. It's about raising money for Amnesty International, so they can keep fighting against this injustice. It's a glove. That hopefully will keep hands & hearts warm.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

THIS IS A LOVE STORYOn the day where the world shows their love for another; we launch our initative for those who can’t show their love.

Love that must be hidden in 76 countries and counting.

This is about the love for Human Rights. Everywhere.

The right to love. For men and women. For men and men. For women and women.

This is a glove. To show support for those who can’t show their love.

Get yours. warm up the protest, your hands, and support Amnesty International.

The fine print: 

  • The gloves are 100% made of cotton and lined with fleece. Because warm hands are great.
  • The design as showed is the real design. 
  • The costs for the glove are the production & the shipping: A glove will cost around £5.90 pound Sterling to produce & shipping depends on location. 
  • All the proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International: we're aiming for more than 50% of the price of £15.00.
  • If you're an awesome person and have a bit of pocketmoney to splurge; you can have the exclusive rights to design, produce and sell for entire year. 
  • We are not affiliated in any way with Macklemore, Mary Lambert and Ryan Lewis. But their song was one of the greater inspiration to do this. 
  • If there are any questions you can e-mail to