Glossop North End TV

Glossop North End TV

GNETV want to take the filming of their games seriously and want to raise money to buy professional camera equipment to make this happen.

We did it!

On 7th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £540 with 26 supporters in 56 days

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With Glossop North End gaining popularity and stature, the GNETV want to take the filming of the matches seriously to enhance not only the experience of the supporters who attend the games, but also those who cannot.

To that end we want to raise money to buy professional camera equipment and other equipment to make this happen. With fans around the world and a growing local fan base, we are hoping that if everyone can chip in and donate the target can be reached and then everyone can enjoy the highlights produced and recorded for prosperity. 

This is a project run by GNETV and not directly by Glossop North End Football Club, but with the blessing of the club

Donations of £10 will get acknowledgement on the club's Social Media accounts as a backer of our fundraising campaign.

Donations of £100 will gain free entry to 5 home league matches of your choice in the 2016/17 season, get your name announced at a game of your choice thanking you for donating PLUS your name will appear on the end credits of every highlight video showing you as a backer.

If we manage to exceed our target then the money will be spent on better equipment.

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