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We are a new high end fashion brand that has many goals. We aim to be in the top 20 high end brands in the next 15 years.

by Tommy tasker in Swindon, England, United Kingdom

GLOBAL VISION LONDON will bring a fresh, vibrant and flamboyant new unique look and feel to the fashion industry. We will be known not just for our creativity and core collections. We will establish our identity through our unique exclusive collections that will only be on the market for a certain period of time. This will make our exclusive collections very rare and also make the customers feel extremely special knowing that the product they own will never be sold again and own a very rare piece of creativity and uniqueness. GLOBAL VISION LONDON will represent that anyone in life, any human being can achieve anything they want to achieve only if they let there mindset go to work and go on to "CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE "
Anything in life is possible. So by visualizing the IMPOSSIBLE they begin to see the possible with the right attitude and willingness to learn and find that grit and determination to reach extraordinary levels in life. Any product our customers will go onto purchase and collect they to will feel the endless possibilities life has to offer from the purchase to the packaging and and impeccable quality. Not only will all of our customers feel very ambitious and determine to find there best self in wearing our products GLOBAL VISION LONDON will have a fine flawless finish on all products and packaging also that's why implementing our new transparent AUTHENTICITY card in all boxes when a customer purchases a product to not only show it's authentic state but also track any repairs and owners that product has had in its history of production.

We have a vision for all the top store in the next 5 years including 

▪ Selfridges 

▪ Flannels 

▪ Harrods 

▪ Harvey nichols 

We have 5 collections ready to be manafatuered, we need funding for the tech packs for the manafactuer and help with stock, advertising. We are currently in talk for a pristine website. Once we have this in place we will be ready to launch our product onto the market and make a huge difference to the industry. 

As the creator or GLOBAL VISION LONDON this is such a personal journey this means a lot this brand will set examples on life and shouts out to clients who buy our brand that you to can chase your dreams you just have to " CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE " with hard work and dedication this will be accomplished. Life is way to valuable to not chase your dreams. Time is extremely precious once you have a deep understanding about time and life you will start to make your days more productive and work towards your goals and wildest dreams.

▪ to create something that no one has done before.

▪ the real value lies in the journey the amount of self respect I will earn along the journey of my success

▪ to see millions of people wearing my brand that I created across the planet.

▪ to inspire millions of people around the world to achieve there wildest goals and dreams. This will only happen by implementing hardwork, discipline, sacrifices, consistency, focus and always have that tunnel vision and dream big, very big.

▪ when I get to a certain point along my journey of success I can help others out whether that's knowledge or financially.

▪ setting up many foundations including a foundation for addictions, And help many people SUCCEED in life and follow there dreams.

▪ make my family very proud and have a stress free life.

▪ become a history maker, And have my brand to go on for many centuries.

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