Global Vaping

Global Vaping

The aim of our project is to promote vaping more than it is already, increase availability to it through different channels

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are wanting to increase the availability of vaping and the products required to vape and also promote it as much as possible.

this is not for a businsss venture or to get people to start vaping for that reason alone but to get people to quit smoking completely. 

After speaking with friends and family who have all managed to quit smoking after vaping but it also became apparent that it took them far to long to start vaping because they had heard false information about it, didn't know about it or just didn't know where to start. 

Our aim aim is to tackle all these issues and eradicate smoking once and for all.

We will do this by making scientific studies and information on vaping freely available in one place and also make it easy to read and understand. It is our hope that this will break down one of the biggest barriers to vaping of people exclaiming "well I've heard it's more dangerous than smoking so I don't do it" or the one my dad used for months "better the devil you know than the one you don't"

our next stage is to make easy for beginners to start vaping with quality equipment and juices. This a fairly easy and simple problem to overcome as vaping itself is easy once you have the basics. 

Our next stage is probably the most expensive as it will require lots of marketing to enable us to promote ourselves as much as possible and convince people to visit our website and make their choice once they're there. 

The money donated by you would go towards helping is promote ourselves and also ensure we have enough staff and product to be able to keep up with demand.