Global Social Justice Legal Fund

by Access UK in London, England, United Kingdom


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This is a global fund to combat social injustice and give a voice to the voiceless who are often times silenced due to economic oppression.

by Access UK in London, England, United Kingdom

888 USS BLESS is the capacity building department of 

As part of the changing the narrative program which was setup to counteract the negative mass media portrayal of young black and ethnic youths as nothing but negative and violent criminals. 

When in reality statistics show that only a small minority are highlighted with the negative spotlight compared to the fact that  the majority are constructive and positive law abiding citizens. 

To this end the changing the narrative program established the PYP which stands for Positive Youth Power. In order to shine the light on the extraordinary and talented black and minority youths that are extremely positive gifted and talented using their skills and talents to raise awareness and support good causes and justice globally.

The global social justice fund is a fund to empower those that face injustice and racial discrimination whether that be from police, in the work place or from any other higher power that use their financial might via the courts and legal system as an intimidation tactic knowing that the average citizen cannot afford to defend their self in terms of legal fees nor higher legal representation to fight for their right to JUSTICE.

The way in which we will use the money to achieve this will be by providing a SOCIAL JUSTICE LEGAL FUND to empower those who are discriminated against or wrongfully incarcerated, hurt or intimidated in anyway shape or fashion, to obtain the legal support and backing to fight the power and claim fair justice, which we believe is a basic human right.

Let's make 'Global Social Justice Legal Fund' happen

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