Global Himalayan Expedition 2017

Creating a sustainable off grid power generation solutions for 1000year-old villages located at an altitude of over 12000ft in Himalayas

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Global Himalayan Expedition August 2017

My name is Saranvel Palanivelu an Indian and presently completing my master degree in Energy Technologies specilization with Renewable Energy in Germany. This August I am planning to take part in Global Himalaya Expedition,.

In India around  300 million people are suffering without access to electricity, they end up in spending the night times with  kerosene lamps and candels which is dangerous and unhealty.  I am also the one suffered with this during my childhood.

Lack of access to electricity has been one of the major challenges faced by the communities in Ladak. For the last 2 years, GHE has been focusing towards creating a sustainable off grid power generation solutions for these thousand-year-old villages located at an altitude of over 12000ft. Till date, GHE has brought electricity to 25 remote Himalayan villages.

This year, in August 2017, team GHE plans to lighten up the remotest village of Ladakh nestled in the Zanskar valley called Village Shade. The village comprises of 16 Households with a population of 80. The task of electrification will be completed with a carefully selected team of 25 individuals from all over the Globe.

The Global Himalayan Expedition has been led by its founder, Paras Loomba, an Indian electrical engineer, since 2013. Since then, the GHE has succeeded in the following ways:

  • Electrified 25 villages in the Upper Himalayan Valley of Ladakh, India
  • Impacted 15,000 Himalayan lives
  • Increase by approx. $30,000 of income across 14 villages which have been electrified
  • Saved 62,900 litres of kerosene oil annually & mitigated 157 Tons of CO2 emissions.
  • Set up 105 micro-grids, installed 3,700 LED lights and lit up 1,500 rooms
  • All the micro-grid setups are community owned and follow a monthly rental model for maintenance and upgrading
  • Trained 10 villagers into Entry Level Solar Grid Technicians
  • GHE has designed its own DC LED bulbs (3W), DC solar street lights (20W) and DC LED TV (20W, 30W), DC computing devices (10W)
  • GHE’s service centre has generated $3,500 revenue in four months, servicing installed micro-grids and also new installations for resorts
  • Mountain Homestays initiative has generated $4,000 worth of revenue across 10 villages

Why Himalayas?

• 70% Himalayan population is off grid of which almost 50% are still without electricity

• Highest Solar Insolation levels of 1250w/m2 ,perfect for Solar energy projects

• Fragile ecosystem responsible for worlds fresh water and biodiversity

• Holds centuries old tradition, culture and civilizations that needs conservation

• 72 million population on Indian Himalayas – majority are below poverty line

• Limited roads, health centers, schools or connectivity – but sustainable lifestyles

I would like to take part in Global Himalaya Expedition 2017 this August, It would be really nice if you can help me to take part in it. 

A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. The money you are funding brings an empowerment in this community

Thank you very much