Global Friendship: Webseries about CISV

Global Friendship: Webseries about CISV

A web series based upon CISV and Global Friendships. Created by Gummi Gudmundsson an independent self-shooting producer and a CISVer :)

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On 29th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £15 with 2 supporters in 56 days

The aim of the webseries is to prove that CISV does indeed build global friendship as we will see and hear through stories about how CISV empowers friendship no matter where you are from in the world. I belive that CISVers, their friends and families will be interested in watching this web series, I also hope that the web series will get new people involved and interested in CISV. This will be a self-shooting Web series hosted and filmed by me.. I recently earned a BA film degree from Brunel University I have also been a part of CISV for many many years.  I have worked in the media industry for over two years now, I have worked as a runner, producer, assistant producer, camera assistant, production assistant. I have worked on many projects such as music videos, short films, commercials, promo videos, children´s youtube shows and feature films and I have learned a lot of film and editing tricks that will come in handy for the CISV Web series. I will bring out my creativity, personality and my fun-loving (I hope so) CISV spirit to the front run to create an exciting web series that will make every CISVer out there proud to be involved with CISV. 

What is CISV you ask?  CISV stands for  Children's International Summer Villages.  It was founded in 1950 by Doris Allen it aims to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. It does so by hosting youth summer camps where children all over the world come together and explore global issues like human rights, sustainable development, conflict and resolution and diversity. To learn more about CISV please have a look at their official website

The web series will be based on CISV and Global friendship as I will be travelling around the world and meeting CISVers that I’ve met since I got introduced to CISV, people from villages, Interchanges, Step-ups, Youth meetings and all different kinds of training.  I will hopefully also meet new CISVers around the world. Each episode will be around 5 minutes and the aim is to upload it on Youtube once a week from September 2017.  For each episode, I will be visiting a CISV friend from a past CISV experience. I will introduce that CISVer, their life, their CISV experience and their culture. I also hope to meet long time CISVers and get to know their story  with CISV. Throughout the episode, we will be talking about how CISV has changed that individual’s approach to life and their cultural surrounding and we get deep into what the core of CISV is. I also aim to introduce a bit of CISV in the current location. Each episode will have a CISV Easter egg, such as the score of the episode will be an instrumental version of some classic CISV songs.  I will start the official travel in late August  and hopefully make my way around the globe with your support

The funding raised will be used for camera equipment's, editing software and travel coast. I aim and hope to stay with fellow CISVers around the world.   I hope as many of you can support this project of mine and in return I will do by best to create a great show that will make CISV come alive :) all donations will get a shout out on the web series and if you want to be involved then please keep in touch :)

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