Global Assembly

by Global Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

Funding the Global Assembly for COP26. The first citizens’ assembly that anyone on earth can be part of.

by Global Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

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Claire Elizabeth Neale 27th April 2021

This is so needed right now. We are one human race and all are responsible for the fate of our beautiful world. What an amazing thing to give us a tool to enable us to work together where our governments have failed.

Jennifer Carter 17th March 2021

I believe that now is the time for ordinary people around the world to come together and do what governments have failed to do so far - set an agenda that gives urgency to action on saving our precious planet.

Nick 16th March 2021

It's time to hear the voice of the people. We have the technology and the days of power over needs to cease

Natalia Whiteside 7th January 2021

This is the platform we need right now - enabling people to come together from all walks of life, to debate, have their voices heard and have influence on the important issues of today. An inspired idea!

Joanne Rigby 31st December 2020

We are the guardians of all our children’s future and our planet. Right now we must use our wisdom and open our hearts to face the full picture of change needed . We need full courage and commitment for the good of all, planet and people before profit .Our future history will be seen in terms of investment of health not wealth.

Ilka Dönhoff 14th December 2020

Great idea!! Finally a REALLY promising project which includes the (representative) voices of the whole planet, also the ones who already suffer most because of 'us' in the rich countries! This is so important... Good luck!!

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