A tribute to Gloas and Cruinlagh - UK Planet

by Pynchon Watches Ltd. in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

A tribute to Gloas and Cruinlagh - UK Planet


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The aim is to fund a project of timepiece tributed to UK extrasolar planet that was discovered in 2008

by Pynchon Watches Ltd. in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

A class of Manx eight and nine-year-olds came up with the names for a competition run by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

A star and planet will be given Manx Gaelic names for the first time after being chosen in an international competition.

The star WASP-13 will be known as Gloas (which means 'to shine') and the planet WASP-13b as Cruinlagh ('to orbit').

WASP-13, a star within the Lynx constellation that was first observed in 1997, is 1.5 times bigger than the Sun and is visible with the naked eye from the British Isles.

WASP-13b, which was discovered in 2009, orbits the star every four days and is bigger than Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System.

We aim to fund the project of making a timepiece collection available for the public to enjoy a truly unique ufo concept watch!

The design and R&D phase has finished, it took the team in Pynchon Watches Ltd more than 18 months to develop, test, and make the final prototype as you can see in the projected image.

Help us to make this extraordinary timepiece see the light of life.

On the completion of the targeted fund, Cronk y Berry Primary School in Douglas will receive a percentage of 25% of the total fund to support the Pupils at the school.



2019 December: Design concept.

2020 January: Design accepted. 

2020 March: Design processed as industrial files.

2020 May: Sign off a contract to manufacture the design prototype.

2020 November: Prototype enters the quality control phase.

2021 May: Prototype passed the quality control tests.

2021 September: Prototype projected for the fund.





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