Glasses designed for high - powers (thick lenses)

by Charlotte Dickinson (Founder) in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


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We've designed a collection of glasses for high minus prescriptions (thick lenses) and need support to purchase the first batch of stock.

by Charlotte Dickinson (Founder) in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


Our story

Hi. I’m Charlotte, founder of the project, and I wear - 9.5 prescription glasses. Even with the thinnest lenses available, and a tactically chosen pair of frames, my lenses still bulge out making me think they look stupid, and making me feel self-conscious. So I’ve created a collection that I actually want to wear. I know I’m not alone in this and I need your help! I've built up the brand and frame designs but need funding to get the first lot of stock manufactured, plus get fully up and running.

The eyewear industry does not consider high shortsighted prescriptions when designing frames. Wearers are left with next to no choice, and glasses that are not fit for purpose. We need to change this.


The glasses

Our launch collection considers end result lens thickness, optimised lens shapes, frame weight, face shapes & lens covering with thicker sculpted material (up to -10 when combined with high index lenses). Plus tons of style, so you can finally get glasses you want to wear, not that you're stuck with. We've designed 8 styles based on the classics - including metal wire designs. 


Think they don't look too different from other popular brands - great, that's what we're going for! You can see the full range and features on our website: 

Advocating sight

As well as being dedicated to inclusive design, we want to advocate and influence the massive global issue of rising rates of high myopia. If you're severely short sighted, you're more at risk from serious retinal damage, cataracts, glaucoma, and myopic macular degeneration (MMD) which can cause blindness. Myopia can be slowed down, we just need the 1619197767_mati-power_black01.jpgright focus on the issue.


We've found a manufacturer that has a low minimum order to get us up and running. The £19K funds target will be used to;

  • Buy the minimum quantity order of each frame which will include 3 colours (if we get above the target, we'll order more).
  • Buy glasses cases, lens cloths and packaging.
  • Glasses design technical artwork and supply to manufacturer. 
  • Some bits left over to get us fully up and running and retail ready including website updates, and bringing onboard a registered optician.

We hope you love the frames! Thank you so much for your support.

Team Minus x


Q. Will you ship internationally?

A. We are based in the UK but we are planning to ship internationally: additional postage costs will apply. 

Q. How much are the glasses?

A. The glasses will be retailing between £119 - £125.

Q. What colours will the glasses be available in?

A. The colours have been listed on our website: - the design concepts heavily feature darker colours as they show up much better in visuals, until we can get our hands on the real thing. We plan to have all colours available if we hit target, but there will be certain numbers available of each. We are trying to predict colour demand by asking users on the website to tell us which colour they would like. So make sure you head over there and tell us your favourite.

Q. Do I need to have a high prescription to get the glasses?

A. Nope! Anyone can get the frames. They will work better than 'usual' frames for prescriptions over -10 due to the design optimisations, but your full lens won't be covered. 

Q. Will you also have lens fitting options?

A. If we manage to be successful, and start manufacture then we are also hoping to offer lens options on top of the glasses frames. We'll be lining up talks with lens fulfillment businesses if we get up and running. 


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