Glacicala Gaming Studio

Glacicala Gaming Studio

My venture is for my very own 2D & 3D Gaming Studio i have been developing my own games for the last 4 years.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Glacicala Games studio.

Well firstly thank you for taking the next few minutes to view my short statement so let's get straight to it.

So who am i really....? Well my name is stewart and i'm a 33 year old games developer and have been doing so in my spare time for the last 4 years mainly just little projects for the enjoyment of friends and family who over time seemed to really enjoy it especilly my step son he loves the fact he has an on demand library of my games, for me it reminds me of myself as a young boy playing for hours before and after school the classics like Mario brothers then going onto wishing i could create my very own games, sorry we have swayed slightly off point so as you may have guessed this wasnt the career i fell into so for the last 15 Years I have beeen a chef and i absolutly loved what i did it just has got to the point where as we all know the feeling of something being missing and that excitment, that's what i get when I'm build or designing a new game even the thought process get me going so that's why this is not just my business its what i live and breath as myself kids and mrs are all gamers in our spare time.

So let's talk about what gives me insiration and heightens my desiere and that's the story behind Blizzard Entertainment especially with this year being the 25th annerversay of Blizzard Entertainment if your not farmiliar with them well the company was set up by 4 guys that just simply wanted to make games they never had any expectations of producing a combined player base of over 15 million global players, they just wanted to do what they loved and that's exactly how it should be in this industry because i belive to do this as a job you have to live and breath it and not have the mindset of "Let's make a game that's going to change the world or make me millions" the industry is all about creating "Entertainment" for the players.

So now what are you potentially investing in....? That's fairly simply and that would be myself and with the funding gained i would be able to develop my next 2 Titles over the next 12 months it would give me games engine i need to produce on scale that produce such games as the Call Of |Duty franchise & Fantasy MMO benchmark World of Warcraft and many others, I would also use the funding to hire a team of animation designer, visual editor in the future a project manager plus i would give Glacicala Games the studio needed as the profesional enviroment is key.

So i hope that this has wet your apitite because we have everything we need to succeed exept the capital.