Gizmo's Gremlins - Our Vegan Doggy Daycare!

Gizmo's Gremlins - Our Vegan Doggy Daycare!

We aim to create a completely Vegan & eco-friendly doggy daycare/pet care hub in central Manchester, with a Vegan Cafe & shop!

We did it!

On 4th May 2017 we successfully raised £25 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Please Help Our Vegan Doggy Daycare <3 

Everybody loves dogs. They are man's best friend and a constant companion to around 80% of the populations. However, our hustle and bustle world often mean we have to leave our dogs alone for longer periods than we wish to - especially in our busy city of Manchester.

Our pooches sometimes don't get all of the attention they need & many people choose to rehome their dogs to improve their companions life. This means nearly half of the £3000 dogs a year that are left at adoption centres per year are dropped off because their owner is struggling to give them the time and care they want to. 

We believe having a doggy day care based in central Manchester, right on the doorstep of your work, can change this. 

That's why we want to create Gizmo's Gremlins; a centrally based, Vegan doggy daycare & pet care hub. We will offer both full and half-day care for your dog, where they can run free with all shapes and sizes of their species and as part of a pack. Formed by fellow dog owners, you can rest easy knowing that your pooch is having the time of their life at our centre. We'll have a structured play day, including rest breaks and games, dinner time and walks to nearby parks that are perfect for keeping your dog happily entertained. 

We are Janna and Rachel: two vegans with a passion for helping the loved pets of Manchester. We've worked for our entire lives and understand the heartbreak of leaving our furbaby - Gizmo - at home while working.

Last December, Rachel had an aortic aneurysm. This completely changed our outlook on our dreams and our lives. Gizmo was a massive help and pulled us through the dark days. Now, we can't imagine the thought of leaving her alone again - or leaving each other! We are both huge animals lovers so we've decided it's time to do a job we enjoy, with a small dog we love. We are dedicated to our pets, and we want to be to yours too. 

Gizmo's Gremlins will be a Vegan doggy daycare because we being vegan ourselves, we don't want any element of what we love to hurt the life of another being. We will offer homemade vegan treats from Kira's Krunches (Manchester) to our guest dogs, as well as healthy vegan foods such as Benovo and Yarrah. We also plan on working with Ethical Pets UK to supply our daycare with eco-friendly toys. 

This crowd funder will help us with our start-up by covering the purchase of a dedicated pet van, meaning we'll be able to travel further and offer a pet taxi service to the pooches of Manchester. We will then branch into our central Vegan daycare which will become our base of operations for our additional services, which include: dog walking, home boarding (for cage free holidays), cat care/sitting, a grooming parlour, a 'pawsome' pet shop, training and behaviour workshops and a Vegan cafe - all of which will offer volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities. 

Eventually, we want to expand our daycare and start up a dog rescue for dogs with behavioural difficulties. In addition, we wish to later add an animal sanctuary and working opportunities for the homeless of Manchester and their dogs. 

Any of our backers will have their names in pawprints in our reception as a thank you for their help. We're also offering a six-month subscription box of doggy treats and gifts, some special Gremlins gifts and even the chance to get 30% off our services for life. 

Please help our dream to become a reality!

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