Who Spilt Santa's Secret? - Christmas For Everyone

Touring festive theatre to vulnerable adults living in secure units, with no access to the outside community. Curing Christmas loneliness.

We did it!

On 7th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £560 with 16 supporters in 28 days

This Christmas we are reaching out to vulnerable adults, who are currently living permanently in mental health units and have no access to the outside world, by touring our Christmas musical to mental health facilities and encouraging service-users, who would otherwise spend their Christmas alone, to celebrate together. 


We want to take 'panto to their place'. Because Christmas should be for everyone. Please help us to help vulnerable people!

For the last four years, we have been working with Oxleas NHS Trust to bring theatre, music and performing arts to a medium secure facility that houses people struggling with mental health problems. The service-users live permanently inside the facility and our time working within the unit has harboured an absolute admiration for the staff and therapists, who strive to make the environment both healing and inclusive and go above and beyond to provide stimulating recreational experiences for the service-users. But with Christmas just around the corner and limited access for family and friends to visit, this time of year can be extraordinarily difficult to maintain high morale when service-users have such little time with their loved ones. That's where we come in. Because Christmas is for everyone and we believe that there is no reason why vulnerable people shouldn't get the opportunity to enjoy the same festive fun as anyone else.


What The Project Is About - We are planning to bring our exciting Christmas show, Who Spilt Santa's Secret?, to facilities in the Kent area, to help spread the festive spirit this Winter. The show will comprise of a cast of eleven young performers and two professional directors, all of whom are committed to working on a voluntary basis.  Written as an alternative Christmas musical, the show combines singing, dancing and storytelling in an unconventional manner. After the performance the cast will remain at the facility to mingle with the service-users and enjoy some food, drink and festive laughter. Though we cannot replace home comforts, we aim to introduce vulnerable individuals to a community that cares and is inclusive. We want to help to create positive, lasting memories.


We need your help to raise £5000.

What Will Your Donations Help Us To Achieve? 

- Continue to maintain our ongoing relationship with mental health facilities.

- Create stronger links with more mental health facilities that we currently don't have access to.

- Reach hundreds of vulnerable people who have limited access to the outside world. 

- Train our voluntary actors provide sufficient support throughout our visits.

- Buy props, set and costume that can't be supplied through the kind donations of our project supporters. 

- Buy food, drink and festive decorations for everyone to enjoy.

- Cover the basic running costs of rehearsing and touring a performance.

- Publicise the tour to facilities.

- Cover the basic travel expenses of the cast involved in the tour. 

- Significantly enhance vulnerable people's experiences within mental health facilities. 

- Make Christmas fun for everyone.


The Project So Far - In 2014 we ran the pilot project for the performance and had enormous success, bringing fun and laughter to service-users who had otherwise struggled to engage with others on a social level. Feedback from the staff, therapists and service-users confirmed the success of the project, with service-users continuing to make reference to the production and cast well into the new year. We continued to keep a solid connection with the facility and have been running recreational music sessions for the last year to obtain stronger links with the service-users and fully assess the needs of the project. We are now ready to begin putting the show back on the rehearsal floor to prepare for the Christmas tour. 


Who We Are - We (Naked Frank Theatre) are a physical theatre company, who actively produce outreach projects in an attempt to make a difference in the community. Founded in 2012 and artistically directed by us (Carleigh-Ann Portelli and Claire Louise Portelli) we create bold, hard hitting and truthful theatre, with the aim of telling the untold and unnoticed stories of the world we live in through innovative, honest and original theatre, that is always devised by the cast.

"We don't believe in making theatre for the sake of theatre. All entertainment must serve a purpose."

As well as producing new theatre we also work alongside the community to engage people in theatre and the arts. Our outreach work allows us to work interactively with people on new projects and challenge controversial topics. We encourage individuals to get involved in artistic projects and regularly host new events, workshops and campaigns that individuals can take part in.

Our work is often, but not exclusively, aimed at young people and vulnerable or disadvantaged communities. This ethos means that our work is always written and produced to have a positive impact on our audiences or the subjects being tackled.

"We're not shy about challenging opinions and educating communities or group of people on controversial topics." 

Check out some of our previous work within mental health facilities by clicking on the link: Breaking The Silence


Why We Need Your Help - As a non-profit organisation we rely solely on funding and support in-kind to produce work and run new projects. We have been very lucky with this project to have already had so many kind donations of equipment, facilities and materials. Unfortunately there are still things that we need to make this project a reality and without your generosity we simply cannot go ahead. 


Future Plans For The Project - With the continued demand for recreational activities and the evident success of our pilot performances we are intending to extend the project into an annual programme with four originally written performances being scheduled every three months to suit the changes in season. The regularity of the programme will allow us to offer more consistent voluntary opportunities to young performers as well as ensuring that we are able to form strong bonds with service-users. The timetabling of exciting events with facilities will play a vital role in boosting morale and generating an overall interest and enthusiasm in performances with individuals whom would have previously had no access to theatre. Theatre is for everyone and we want to ensure that vulnerable people get equal opportunities to have access to it. Future funding, support-in-kind and donations will be essential to ensuring the sustainability of the project. 


Let's raise £20,000 for 2018.

Our annual target for the coming year will be to raise £20,000 to ensure the continuation of the project in 2018. The more money we raise; the more people we can help. 

Your kindness and generosity will change a vulnerable person's life and leave them with unforgettable memories. 

Thank you!

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