Giving kids opportunity, capability and knowledge

by Tony Packham in Thailand

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Our dream's to give something to kids who have nothing, even their educational opportunities are limited, let's give them that opportunity.

by Tony Packham in Thailand

Because of health issues I moved to Thailand from the UK with my Thai wife and two young kids, so that my wife would be near her family when my health deteriorated. Once here I realised that there was nothing for the younger generations to do, aside from visiting temples. After discussions with my family, I used my savings to build a swimming pool park on a piece of land I had purchased many years before. During the dry season the pool is enjoyed by families far and wide. During term time we provide life saving training for schools, health authorities and local businesses. 

Adjacent to the swimming pool and play areas we constructed a building to house a youth centre and a small English school. The youth centre was planned so that local kids can play table tennis, shoot some pool, surf the World Wide Web, play board games or computer games, or just socialise with their peers in a safe, productive and educational place. I want to create a place where the younger generations can gain what the government will not provide, a chance for a better future. I want them to learn to work together to create a place that works for all, a place where animosity, hatred and discrimination is not permitted.

The average wage outside of Bangkok etc is around £8 per day, that doesn't leave a lot of free cash to be spent on their kids. Most parents do the best they can for their kids, but when there are no facilities the options are very limited.

My passion is my job as an English teacher at a primary school 20 minutes from my home, I don't do it for the money (salary is 20,000 baht a month - approx £500) I do it because of the big smiles I see on the kids faces every morning when I welcome them at the school gate, when the 4, 5 and 6 year olds run up and hug my legs, and the older ones play fight me, high five or fist pump me. I never thought I would find a vocation that I love with a passion, helping these kids is my passion.

Let's give these wonderful kids the opportunities they deserve,






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As one of our lovely friends we would like to thank you by creating something that will be long lasting and will remind all of the proud users of you and your donation which helped build their youth club and English School. If you are kind enough to donate to help build our youth Club and English Class, regardless of the amount you've donated we will be creating a massive mural using all of your beautiful, funny and sometimes scary mugshots.

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