Giving Depression a Voice

Giving Depression a Voice

I am creating an arts and writing project giving depression a voice of those who wish to share their lived experiences.

We did it!

On 16th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £315 of £150 target with 30 supporters in 28 days


I think we need to talk about mental health more and share experiences/ have meaningful conversations and self-heal in safe spaces instead of being put on 3 month waiting lists for counselling by the nhs or being handed anti-depressants by doctors that do not have time for this illness.

As someone who suffers from depression, 1 in 4 of us do, I feel very strongly about the de-stigmatisation of depression and having more open conversations about this illness. It is only by sharing our lived experiences of depression and making sure that our voices are heard that I feel this can happen and in turn we can move towards creating support networks for each other.

I want to create a bi-annual zine and some kind of online space along with weekly workshops in London to provide these spaces. I want to explore lived experiences, talk about issues and share the all encompassing nature of this illness. And shout loudly that depression does not define you. I am looking for writers/artists/poets/who have will listen and contribute to get involved and produce pieces that tackle anything you want to share about depression - whether you have had it or someone you know has as it affects those around us too.

The scope of the project in undetermined, so I am initally looking for £150 to give the project a voice and a chance to begin. This money will go towards a minimum of 100 copies, and the chance for more to be produced allowing people to buy them on a donation basis. The project can grow with more money, it is ambitious and can be. The more copies in circulation, the louder our voices become.


I am also looking for artists/poets/writers/ anyone who wants to get involved to submit pieces!!! 

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