Giving back to the people trying to save my life.

by Rhia Dourado in Haverhill, England, United Kingdom

Giving back to the people trying to save my life.
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To raise money for the amazing staff at the Royal Papworth Hospital and the hard work from Macmillan who have supported me and my family.

by Rhia Dourado in Haverhill, England, United Kingdom

In December 2019, I received some of the worst of my life. I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in my left lung and also received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

At the start, it seemed like a losing battle as I was told I would not be able to be operated on for the lung cancer. Small cell cancer is a rare cancer to be operated on, due to its aggressive nature it is not normally caught in time. But it appears someone was looking down on me.

Within a few weeks, with a lot of changes and hard work I managed to get myself fit enough for the operation and The Royal Papworth took on my case and performed a life altering upper left lobectomy, the removal of the top part of my lung and my lymph nodes as a preventative measure. The following few weeks had their highs as well as their lows as I began my recovery from the surgery.

Taking each day as it came, getting stronger to begin the next part of my treatment, chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my chemo was postponed by a different hospital who I was referred to for it to take place. It was essential due to  the nature of the cancer to have this done as soon as I was well enough. Unfortunately, in this time, the cancer has returned in my lung. But thankfully, Papworth have managed to arrange a sooner appointment for me to finish this fight!

With this pending chemotherapy, I have received amazing support from the staff at Papworth, well through the entire process. And brilliant support and assistance for not only me, but my family and friends from Macmillan too. I would love an opportunity to give back to these incredible people who have worked so hard in trying to save my life. I cannot thank them enough.

So, I have decided that on 23rd May I am going to shave my head in hopes of raising money for them. If any of you know me, you know how much I love my hair! But I would rather have my life than my hair.

If you could spare just the smallest amount, so we can show these phenomenal people who have helped me, my family and so many other people facing this difficult times how much we care. It would be much appreciated. We don’t always realise how much we need them.

Thank you so much. 

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