Giving Back to Mother

by Fatimah Jammeh in London, England, United Kingdom

Giving Back to Mother
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Raising money to travel and care for my elderly mother in Dominica, who broke her hip 4 places, and now cannot do for herself.

by Fatimah Jammeh in London, England, United Kingdom

My 82year old mother.  She travels back and forth to Dominica as it is her homeland, looking after her elderly friends and family.

Last year she aided and supported her only sister in and out of hospital until her last breath.  A month before her sister died, she took in her best friend who was suffering from cancer.  My mother then took care of her until her final breath.  

In Dominica this year June, walking to visit a friend, my mother slipped on some sand and broke her hip in four places.  Being an active woman, she was admitted to the same hospital where she experienced heartache the year before to her two best friends.  She is in need of after-care since her operation, which has seen her with metal screws in her hip and needs to learn how to walk again.  My mother deserves the best love and care which she has given to others.  

My younger sister, is currently with her but needs to return to work in the UK. My mother therefore needs assistance...

My mother wishes to stay in Dominica.  I am therefore in need of £3000 to:

  • Pay for myself and my two children to travel to Dominica.  Prices range from £700 per person
  • Pay for transport to and from hospital-physio and health appointments
  • Food accessories 

We are planning to stay there for as long as is needed. 

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