Give Winnie Her Eyesight!

Give Winnie Her Eyesight!

Winnie our 16 week old labradoodle has cataracts. She needs surgery to restore her eyesight! Please donate & share to raise her the funds.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:10pm 25th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:10pm 25th August 2018

Me and my husband brought a labradoodle puppy recently...we have named her Winnie and she is now 15 weeks old. She is the most gorgeous puppy, we instantly fell in love with her and she fits in with our family so well. The seller unfortunately wasn't so honest with us regarding Winnie's health.

After getting Winnie vet checked ourselves she was refered to an eye specialist which cost £190 for a consultation alone. Winnie has been diagnosed with congenative bilateral cataracts. Due to this being a pre-existing condition from birth, we are not covered on her insurance and surgery has been quoted as £4000 plus aftercare fees.

We have tried to make contact with the seller on numerous occasions with no success, which implies that they may have been aware of Winnies condition! We now have been left with a puppy with little to no eyesight... she does bump into things quite often. The vet has stated that if she does not have surgery, as she gets older she will bump into more things and there is a high chance that later on in her life she could lose her eyes completely. 

Me and my husband have recently got married and brought our first home together, as much as we love Winnie we just cannot afford the cost of the surgery that she needs and deserves. This is why we are trying anything possible to try and raise the funds for her. We have never done anything like this before so it feels strange asking people that may not even know us to contribute. would be much appreciated and could give our little Winnie her eyes to see the world. Please help us to raise the funds and to share this page as much as possible to generate support for Winnie. Ideally she needs surgery asap, whilst the cataracts are still soft ( this makes them easier to remove).

Thank you!

Also a huge thank you to those who have already donated, shared and left lovely comments, we are really grateful for your support xx

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