Stop Vulnerable People Spending Christmas Alone

by Naked Frank Theatre in Dartford, England, United Kingdom

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Bringing the joy of Christmas to vulnerable adults, living inside mental health facilities and without access to the outside world.

by Naked Frank Theatre in Dartford, England, United Kingdom

This year we want to ensure that mental health patients don't spend their Christmas alone! 

Our Festive Arts Programme will be running within mental health facilities to engage patients in the festivities and encourage people, who would otherwise spend their Christmas alone, to celebrate together. We are reaching out to vulnerable adults, who are inside mental health units and have no access to the outside world. 

For the last five years, we have been working with Oxleas NHS Trust and their Occupational Therapy Team to bring theatre, music and performing arts to a medium secure facility that cares for people struggling with mental health problems. The service-users stay in the facility whilst receiving treatment for their mental health conditions and our time working within the unit has harboured an absolute admiration for the staff and occupational therapists, who strive to make the environment both healing and inclusive and go above and beyond to provide stimulating recreational experiences. But with Christmas just around the corner and limited access for family and friends to visit, this time of year can be extraordinarily difficult to maintain high morale. That's where we come in. Because Christmas is for everyone and we believe that there is no reason why vulnerable people shouldn't get the opportunity to enjoy the same festive fun as anyone else. We want people to know that they haven't been forgotten. Though we cannot replace home comforts, we aim to introduce individuals to a community that cares and is inclusive. We want to help to create positive, lasting memories. We will be on-site, everyday from 22nd to 26th December spreading fun, laughter and the festive spirit.  



- 24th December: JUST IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME (Performance)



We need your help to raise £20,000!

What Will This Project Achieve? 

- Reach hundreds of vulnerable adults who have limited access to the outside world. 

- Significantly enhance vulnerable people's experiences within mental health facilities. 

- Make Christmas fun and accessible to everyone.

- Provide opportunities for isolated people to interact socially with others.

- Provide lasting memories with community performers and artists.

- Encourage stronger interactions with mental health patients on a one to one basis.

- Challenge stigmas within local communities around mental health. 

- Engage people with limited access to the arts to creatively participate. 

- Provide professional performances to those whom have not previously experienced theatre.

- Provide creative recreational opportunities for individuals to engage. 

What Will We Use Your Donations For?

- Buying equipment needed to deliver creative writing workshops (stationary, art supplies, etc).

- Buying and hiring soundtracks and equipment needed to deliver music/singing sessions.

- Buying festive decorations for patients to enjoy as part of the experience.

- Buying festive decorations to transform clinical hospital wards.

- Hiring and installing professional grotto packages to transform clinical communal areas into festive social spaces.

- Purchasing and hiring additional equipment needed to provide the production of Just In The St. Nick Of Time (props, set, costumes, sound, lighting, etc). 

- Hiring professional artists to rehearse full time for a three week period.

- Hiring professional artists to perform on-site in medium secure facilities on Christmas Eve. 

- Ensuring our core team can be on-site, everyday, to work with patients and deliver festive services from 22nd - 26th December. 

- Ensuring our core team can work full time on this project for a four week period.

- Providing essential training to our on-site team (safeguarding, mental health management, etc). 

Who are Naked Frank Theatre and what do we do?

We are a physical theatre company, who actively produce and tour theatre and new writing, run outreach projects and engage vulnerable people and disadvantaged communities in the arts. Founded in 2013 and artistically directed by us (Carleigh-Ann Portelli and Claire Louise Portelli) we create bold, hard hitting and truthful theatre. Our outreach programmes work in predominantly untouched sectors of the community with our mental health work reaching areas and people suffering extreme deprivation.

"We don't believe in making theatre for the sake of theatre. All entertainment must serve a purpose."

Check out some of our previous work within mental health facilities by clicking on the following links: 

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Why Do We Need Your Help?

As a non-profit organisation we rely solely on funding and support in-kind to produce work and run new projects. We have been very lucky with this project to have already had so many kind donations including; equipment, facilities and materials. Unfortunately there are still things that we need to make this project a reality and without your generosity we simply cannot go ahead and give vulnerable people the Christmas they deserve. 

Future Plans For The Project

With the continued demand for recreational activities and the success of our previous work within mental health facilities we will be continuing the process of developing on-site arts engagement opportunities as a consistent programme throughout the year, aiming for four annual performances/events (one per season). The regularity of the programme will allow us to offer more consistent opportunities to vulnerable people as well as ensuring that we are able to form strong bonds and relationships with patients. Improvements will be seen in social interaction and engagement, confidence, general well being, recovery and rehabilitation. 

The timetabling of exciting events within facilities will play a vital role in boosting morale and generating an overall interest and enthusiasm in performances with individuals whom would have previously had no access to theatre. Theatre is for everyone and we want to ensure that vulnerable people get equal opportunities to have access to it. Future funding, support-in-kind and donations will be essential to ensuring the sustainability of the project. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

£15 Reward

£15 will go towards purchasing equipment needed to deliver creative writing workshops and singing/music sessions. You will receive our sincere gratitude for your donation as well as the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you have helped to bring joy to a vulnerable person this Christmas. As a personal thank you we'll also list your name with special thanks for your donation on our website.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

£25 will help us to purchase costumes and props to give to the patients at Christmas and help them to get into the festive spirit. Your donation will ensure that vulnerable people, with no access to the outside world, get to experience the same, inclusive experience as everyone else. In return we will add your name, with special thanks, to our website and our social media accounts.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

£50 will go towards securing a professional grotto package and purchasing Christmas decorations for the wards to transform them from a clinical hospital environment. For your kindness we will mention you on our website, Twitter and Facebook to say thank you. We will also send you a production shot so you can see what your kind donation is doing on stage.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

£100 will ensure that we can get our set, props, costume, lighting and sound equipment on-site and engage vulnerable people for the first time in a fully immersive theatre experience. For your kindness we will mention you on our website, Twitter and Facebook. We will also send you a Christmas Card with a photo of the cast and crew and personal message inside.

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