Give Tom a Home

Give Tom a Home

Saving Tom from 4 years living with the RSPCA. Raising money to buy fencing to provide a safe home environment for him where he'll be loved

We did it!

On 15th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £408 with 17 supporters in 42 days

Hi, my name is Xanthe and the gorgeous guy in the photo is Tom. He is 4 years old but has been living with the RSPCA for nearly 4 years. He struggles with people and other animals, having fear aggression towards them. This means he needs a quiet life and someone to care for him.

Luckily, I have quite a sedate life. Having CFS has limited my life a fair bit, meaning I'm home most of the time and need a quiet, calm environment. We are pretty much perfect for each other. I can provide him with the loving home he needs and I get company and a reason to go for walks every day. 

My only problem is my back garden. It's not completely secure but on top of that, Tom requires 6ft panels so he cannot see the people around outside. Altogether for posts, panels, a gate and concrete, and the work needed to put it all up, it will cost £1000. As someone with limited income due to my health, I cannot afford to pay this alone. 

I am asking anyone and everyone to help me give Tom a home, one he deserves where he will be loved and cared for in a way he can handle and is good for both of us. As little as £1 a person would make all of the difference.

Thank you

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