Give the gift of education this Christmas

by Science Boost CIC in Frome, England, United Kingdom


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Our priority is supporting disadvantaged young people. We’re seeking funds to support GCSE students from low income backgrounds.

by Science Boost CIC in Frome, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra funds will allow us to run additional GCSE classes and exam-focussed workshops. With more funds, we can reach more students and have a bigger impact on society's most vulnerable young people.

Science Boost is a new non-profit organisation which offers education support to young people. Our priority is in supporting disadvantaged young people - those from low income backgrounds, with high health needs, SEN, or some other factor that is impacting negatively on their education. These students have been accessing our online small group classes to help them achieve their potential in their GCSEs. 

We work predominantly with students who were adversely affected by the 2020 school closures in response to Covid. The education gap between our students and their peers is now worryingly large. We’re working to close that gap and give disadvantaged students the best possible chance of success in their GCSEs and beyond.

We passionately believe this type of education support should be available to all, including those who cannot afford or would not normally access it.

Whilst Science Boost predominantly supports young people with their science GCSEs, the benefits to our students go so far beyond their grades. Our families comment on increased confidence, motivation to learn and self-esteem in young people working with us. Parents also feel better supported with their child’s education which has a positive impact on the wellbeing of the whole family and the wider community.

All teaching is delivered online, providing a Covid-secure learning environment that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Our services support the social development of our young people and provide much-needed interaction with others during this isolating time.


"We can see an improvement in his work, he's getting higher marks at school where he’s always struggled with science. He's definitely feeling more confident and giving answers a go where he wouldn’t before.” - Year 10 parent

"Just to let you know I taught K today... the change in his confidence is amazing, whatever you are doing is really working for him! Previously he would never have offered an answer voluntarily and today he always had his hand up and he is really improving all the time.” - School teacher of a Science Boost student.

“He gets a lot out of science sessions with you. Thank you ever so much for what you’re doing, it's paying off, believe me.” - Year 11 parent

“She really enjoys the classes and comes away with a lot. She's more confident with subject matter, she really genuinely enjoys it and it’s really helping.” - Year 9 parent

“These lessons are so good, they're easy to follow and I find the way you explain things really helpful.” - Year 11 student

We're just getting started and look forward to supporting more disadvantaged students across different projects in the near future. Pledge your support and help us continue this vital work to help our disadvantaged young people achieve their potential.

Let's make 'Give the gift of education this Christmas' happen

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