Support vulnerable children this winter


cc81 20:12 12/Jan/2015

My donation to thank the pregnant lady for standing up to the pro-life supporters.

Great job and keep up the good work. This is my personal thank you for you and kids company.

lara-mair 18:41 10/Jan/2015

To Camila, your entire team at Kids Company, and each and EVERY child & young person using the service...I hope many good things come your way in 2015. You all make the world a far kinder and happier place :-)

marksalterarnold 21:51 25/Dec/2014

Keep up the awesome work folks....

mercywave 07:20 25/Dec/2014

Dear Camilla,
You are Fabulous!! You have done what many women would have liked but stay silent. Pregnancy happens. Life is a big responsibility. This is not about progeny. I know you see this every day in your work. Thank you for making a big stand in this issue. You have given women a moment of strength!! Have a Great Merry Xmas! and a Great New Year!!
Keep us in the loop, yours, Huei

rebecca.mcara 22:40 24/Dec/2014

As this time of excess I thank you for all you are doing for the most vulnerable children. Merry Christmas x

kayleigh.rose.garcia 16:19 24/Dec/2014

I'm from south Texas. I watched a video, saw where I could donate from a Twitter feed, and just donated. Spreading this info down here. Keep doing what you are doing. I work for a non-profit in reproductive health and prevention. For more info go to

I don't know who Camilla is, but from what I can gather, she's amazing! Good job, Kids Company Employees! Keep helping those children! Bless you all!

katiesmith 23:54 23/Dec/2014

Your work is inspirational. I wish you all a blessed Chirstmas and an amazing, fun filled celebration.

rosiemoore 20:43 23/Dec/2014

May God Bless every vulnerable child this Christmas and always. I remember only too well being a child who was lost and alone in the care system, and wish I could wrap my arms around them all and let them know that each one of them is so precious and loved. xx

heathert 20:27 23/Dec/2014

An amazing, inspiring project! I wish you every success and a happy Christmas to all Kids Company employees and to all children.xx

helen-c 17:14 23/Dec/2014

Congrats on such a successful crowdfunding project. Best wishes to you and your team for Christmas. Keep up your amazing work x

sarah.herfet 09:36 23/Dec/2014

Hi Camilla,
I have admired the amazing work that you do for many years. Kids Co. just goes from strength to strength and I'm just so happy that there are amazing people like you to help these vulnerable little ones. I have been teaching in a PRU in the westcountry for 14 years and some of these children's back stories are horrific. I can't see any other way of living other than to help ensure, in my case, through education that we help them go on to a better life; which most have. We've had loads go on to college, work and some on to university! You look at some of them and think, how on earth have you managed that with what you've had to go through? But they do! They're AMAZING! I just thank goodness that we can help them. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to offer them an alternative! What's lovely too is that years later (and I mean years) they often come back all tall with deep voices and say 'hello Sarah!' and I literally don't recognise them and have to ask them how they are. They've grown so much!

Thank you so much for all you do with these kids. The world is a better place with you in it and it fills my heart with joy and hope.

Lots of love,


susannahhardyman 21:37 22/Dec/2014

Keep up the great work and Happy Christmas.

stephenhall 19:33 22/Dec/2014

The work you do is incredible, the situations you address are a national disgrace, may your work and campaigning continue - keep speaking out!

cillas 19:12 22/Dec/2014

dear Camila
Thank you so much for providing 'somewhere to BE' for these children and for the enormous work in organising this fabulous christmas party. I do hope that politicians will see sense SOON and properly realise that ALL children are the future. You are an incredible woman and I know that my family will be very happy with my donation to KidsCompany on their (& our) behalf. Merry Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year, every day, with love & hugs Cilla Saxelby xx

elpow 16:00 22/Dec/2014

Thankyou for looking after these children. I hope that you can give as many of them as possible a happy Christmas and a gift of hope. Please let them know that they are not alone.

bec293 15:18 22/Dec/2014

Camilla - you are absolutely amazing. Wishing you and the children a very happy Christmas

jamie-lee 13:19 22/Dec/2014

Donating on behalf of, and as a Christmas present for, my sister — who is a big supporter of the kids company

csidoti 09:18 22/Dec/2014

Camila, you are amazing! The kids are lucky to have you

monique-goodliffe 08:36 22/Dec/2014

Camila, you are truly an inspiration! If only we all had your capacity for compassion and understanding of the vulnerable people in this world! But at least we do have you. Good luck for the party: sounds like it's gonna be a ball....

felix2000 23:07 21/Dec/2014

I read that you may close which would be a tragedy - I do so hope you can raise the funds you need to keep helping these poor children. My thoughts are with you and all you do, and the children, this Christmas.

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