Give my kids a great Christmas that they deserve

by Tom Mitchard in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Give my kids a great Christmas that they deserve
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To give my kids a Christmas that they deserve as with my condition I feel like I've let them down and I just want to see them smile again

by Tom Mitchard in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Hi all.

I've been suffering from severe social anxiety for a long time now and it's been hard for me to even leave the house I just feel trapped all the time and I find it difficult to talk about because I'm ashamed of it, but as hard as it's been for me I feel its harder on my kids and fiance who have been a god send I don't even know how I would have even got out of bed in the morning if it wasn't for them. I haven't even been in a shop for over a years as I cant stand there while everyone is walking past my heart rate spikes and I go really dizzy and i just have to leave so for the last year and a half they've been on days out and on holiday but had to go without me because of the way I get , I feel so guilty because as parents know time is at a premium when your kids are small and  they both really are great kids and they help me so much and I feel guilty because I've not been there for them like they have been for me. So please help me give them a nice Christmas as I cant give it to them.  

Thanks for reading my story 


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