Give Mo a Go - Fundraising for MSc tuition fees

by Mohamed in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Give Mo a Go - Fundraising for MSc tuition fees


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Please consider supporting Mo, a Syrian refugee, with his university course fees so he can rebuild his life and give back to his new UK home...

by Mohamed in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Please consider supporting Mo, a Syrian refugee, with his university course fees so he can rebuild his life and give back to his new UK home.

The Past...

Mohamed (Mo) is obsessed with all things IT - systems, networks, technology. He used to manage an internet cafe (remember those days) in Syria in the mid 2000s. In 2010, after he completed his undergraduate degree in IT with some of the best grades in the year, he was about to sit technical exams in CISCO (the tools that make the internet happen) when war broke out. His life was threatened because of his use of the internet to criticise the regime. Can you imagine being imprisoned or killed for voicing concerns or disagreeing with our government? For the last 10 years he's been travelling, chancing, surviving and striving to find a place where he can start to re-imagine and re-build his life. He has been given 5 years Right To Remain, and is hoping to settle in the UK after that.

The Present...

The Home Office chose Sheffield for him and, who'd-a-thought, Sheffield Hallam University happens to have the perfect university course ready and waiting for him....Advanced Computer Networks (check it out here: When I mean perfect, that's not an exaggeration. The computer laboratory is one of the best in the world and the course includes a placement and examination entry for 2 industry recognised qualifications (CISCO again!).

So, he dusted off his last 10 years of eclectic IT experience (from fixing laptops and phones in Syria, to setting up the CCTV for shops in Istanbul, to teaching refugees about IT in Skaramangas camp in Athens, to being that friendly IT dude on the end of the phone for confused Apple customers) and he has been snapped up by the computing department at Hallam.

Mo has been offered home student fees (£7,420) and when applying, was told he could apply for a loan from Student Finance England. However, after being accepted on the course, he found out that he wouldn't be able to borrow the money until 2021 due to long delays (2 years) in receiving his refugee status.  With the current situation, we don't know what 2021 will look like and Mo really doesn't want to wait any longer so he's been working, looking for grants, and saving like fury to get the fees together. He is also hoping to work over the duration of the course to pay for living costs.

The Future...

From this course, Mo is not only hoping to pick up his studies from where he left them 10 years ago, he is motivated to build a career. He recognised his passion for teaching IT when designing and facilitating courses for other residents in the refugee camp in Athens. From that, he has decided he wants to be a university lecturer, supporting others to become official mini-wizards of the internet.

The Give...

Did I mention Mo is obsessed with IT? He is currently working as IT support and is the 'Apple whisperer'. If you have any tech or IT related questions or problems, send them over. He is particularly good at finding good, reasonably priced, second-hand Apple products. Look him up for any advice.

'Mo has a lot to give. He wants to give back to the country that adopted and supported him after fleeing war torn Syria. He has the drive, determination and ability to succeed and would be an asset to the UK.' A well-wisher from the UK

The Ask...

He is looking for £5,000 to help fund the fees of £7,420 for his course. All donations big or small are welcome.

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