Give Me 5

Give Me 5

Give Me 5 - is a new initiative within the Black Country to encourage a practical understanding of Social Enterprise and have a real benefit within local communities from the projects undertaken. It looks to use the principles of Micro finance with the knowledge and skills of Social entrepreneurs to build sustainable community enterprises. The idea is being piloted within the Black Country with 5 to 50 groups with a view to taking the project across the UK. Each group would be seeded with £5, £50, or £500 depending on the impacts they are looking to achieve

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Give me 5 is being piloted by SWEDA the leading Social Enteprise Support organisation in the Black Country. There are increasing demands within local communities where individuals and local groups can make a real difference. Sometimes a small amount of money can make all the difference.

SWEDA is looking to launch Give me 5 within Colleges, Schools and Youth Groups initially in Dudley and Sandwell. The funding we are looking to raise is the initial SEED capital after this the project should be self funding.

We are using Crowdfunding to raise the initial seed capital as we recognise that many people would be willing to give a small amount where they see that there will be benefit to people from the local community. With the various contribution levels every donation effectively directly funds a project or several projects.

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The Give me 5 principles:

Groups are formed to come up with ideas – local areas of need in the community – this can either be stand alone or alongside other provision (service providers) but their concept / idea / income generation should be able to be audited independently – and the impact (financial and non-financial can be verified).

Groups can be any size, but recommended min 5 – max 10.

The groups will be provided with initial brief including background on social enterprise / legal structures and offered ‘introductory workshop’.

The groups will be required to undertake some research in their local area to identify possible activity – community they wish to support (this can include an environmental project).

Supporting individuals

Groups can apply for £5, £50, or £500

£5 – short term project up to 3 months – target return min £25 (keeping with the theme give me 5 in this case 5 times the initial seed funding) There should also be 1 other impact – this being the focus of the project e.g. health awareness or anti bullying or similar project. It may be theme based or seasonality based could like to an associated fair or similar.

£50 – Medium Term around 6 months, target return £250, but could be a pilot for a more sustainable project – probably focus on a group or groups of individuals needing support, with 2 or 3 impact areas.

£500 – developing a sustainable project, with an ongoing return. Groups also agrees to become potential mentors for new organisations looking to take up the challenge, and generally support

Progress on the supported projects will be reported through our blog for Give me 5 - this will be an extension of our existing site, and enable sponsors to be featured and their contributions acknowledged.

You can see our existing blog at

When the pilot goes live we will let everyone know the direct link to the Gibe me 5 Blog.