Give Grouteville a hand

by Liezl Bruwr in South Africa

Give Grouteville a hand


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To help out a less fortunate school. Bring some kindness back in the world:)

by Liezl Bruwr in South Africa

I recently moved to Ballito in KZN in South Africa.

I work with an amazing woman, Xolly. She lives in Groutville and her 3 daughters go to the local school. We got talking and she was expressing that her school needs paper and ink and some other odds and ends. The school had asked the parents to please buy some of these goods.

Groutville is a location in South Africa and the people that live there are not nearly as fortunate as we are and work very demanding jobs.

So I thought that I would do a ClicknDonate to just help out a little. Why not? Why not give 10 USD (or more) to contribute some supplies that often get overlooked. 

They are not destitute by no means but definitely have struggled. My wish is to help a little bit more so to be kind. Kindness is a rarity these days and means so much, even in small ways.

I am asking that you trust me and accept me as a vehicle for a kind act in your own life.

Things I want to buy are:
-Paper and ink for the school to print materials for students
-Water canisters for the classes so kids have access in the classroom.
-Reusable sanitary pads for the girls in the high school - Sanitary care is really expensive and waste removal is not great in locations, so offering reusable means they save money and also cleans their community up.
-And last if there is money left over, will donate it to Xoliso.

Xolly is a single mother of 3 and rocking it. She is so dedicated to her kids and any donation to her would be huge in her life. The act of kindness she needs after some serious hardships she has faced.
I know everyone wants to do more in their lives. Please help me to bring some joy to the school, its teachers, students and the life of a great woman.

The school has no knowledge of this. I have been speaking with Xolly and told her I would like to offer the school some support and informed me of what they need. She does not expect anything other than a good school for her daughters to learn and grow.

Let's make 'Give Grouteville a hand' happen