Give back to our Keyworker's and help our business

by James Herrington in Bawtry, England, United Kingdom



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Our Key Workers deserve a huge thank you and after this pandemic, a time to relax, get loose and party. So why not say thank you by donating

by James Herrington in Bawtry, England, United Kingdom

Lets give back to our Key Workers and save an independent business.

The Blind Librarian is a hidden Speakeasy in Bawtry, Doncaster and has always been passionate about being different and providing a unique experience for a night to remember. 

Unfortunately the owner Jimmy became ill suffering with Fibromyalgia and requiring a wrist fusion, pulling him away from the tools as a bartender in the business last year. 

As he has learnt to cope better with Fibromyalgia, he refurbished the bar ready for a relaunch as The Blind Librarian. The speakeasy will relaunch with new face Kieran running the day to day business and becoming a partner. With the refurb complete, we were so close to setting the relaunch date when this pandemic started and forced closed us due to government guidelines.

We are currently worried about the future due to the loss of income so soon after the refurb process but with Jimmy's creative mind he hopes to be able to give back to Key Workers in their time of need, whilst simultaneously helping the business to stay alive.  We are transparent and the profit from drink sales will allow us to pay staff, overheads and and also allow us to save our small independent business. Unfortunately banks aren’t providing as much help or as easily as the government says and grants will take a long time to come through, not covering the duration of closure time. 

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Let's make 'Give back to our Keyworker's and help our business' happen

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