The GREEN Team Canterbury's GIVE A QUID! campaign

To raise funds for The GREEN Team Canterbury's "Sticker It GREEN!" off campus student goods recycling scheme, in Canterbury, Kent, UK.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £202 with 24 supporters in 28 days

Give £1 (or more if you can afford) to support The GREEN Team Canterbury's "Sticker It GREEN" off campus student goods recycling scheme effort this year, held at student departure/relocation time. 

We will be taking the hassle out of what to do with the stuff that can't be taken with/is no longer needed, by collecting it during our "Sticker It GREEN!" campaign and redistributing it, via Free Shops/charities.

Last year an enormous amount of perfectly good items were prevented from ending up in landfill. These were donated to Emmaus, a charity for the homeless, and the rest given away for free during our Pop-up Free Shops. 

This year we are building upon the experience gained last year and, what with the  awareness and involvement which has been created, we are on the way to Canterbury having its very own community wide and led student goods recycling scheme.

So please support this exciting venture and GIVE A QUID! - or more if you can afford it - to help fund this year's effort and stop the rot.

Please share this widely, thanks!

The GREEN Team Canterbury

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