Give a girl her freedom

by Tasha in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

Give a girl her freedom
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to raise the funds to buy my first car and gain independence as well as opening up job prospects for myself

by Tasha in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

My parents are recently divorcing and I've been forced to move with my mum. She is struggling very much financially and my dad is not helping me. I cannot stand the house I've been moved to and feel getting my car and gaining the freedom to get away would greatly improve my anxiety. I dont want a brand new car, or a fancy one, the fiat was just an example. I would be so full of joy having any car and it would mean I can go visit my girlfriend at her university and as mentioned widen my job prospects, which would help me an immeasurable amount. Because of my age, saving from any job I get is very very difficult which upsets me greatly because I have nobody to turn to to help raise funds. Any help from anyone would be so greatly appreciated and thankyou so much for reading. 

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