Give a Dog a Throne

Re-homing the street dogs in Sri Lanka

We did it!

On 31st Jul 2013 we successfully raised £1,031 of £850 target with 45 supporters in 28 days

Give a dog a throne

Hello! This project is all about re-homing as as many street dogs as possible and raising awareness for the Dog Care Clinic's vital work in Galle, Southern Sri Lanka.


There are simply too many dogs without homes in Sri Lanka and they try to scratch an existence out of plastic bags and whatever scraps they can find, suffering horribly from malnutrition and disease. It's a very devastating sight to behold as a dog lover.  The Dog Care Clinic is a charity which has been running for 7 years, thanks to the dedicated work of Marina Möbius and they do an incredible job every day to rescue, feed, vaccinate, educate people in the care of dogs, and ultimately re-home as many dogs as possible with virtually no help whatsoever from the Government.  

How can we do this?

If I can reach (and exceed) my target of £850, the Dog Care Clinic should be able to re-home between and 35-50 dogs at the very least (including neutering and vaccinations) and even by donating £1 you can help make a difference to the dogs very difficult lives.  Basically, the more we raise, the more dogs we re-home.

The price of ignorance

One of the many daily cases






Re-homing the dogs is an expensive business because the Dog Care Clinic provide ongoing support to local families by continuing to treat the dogs for free and provide yearly vaccinations and veterinary assistance when needed.  The clinic is in desperate need to raise funds to keep these vital services going and all I ask of my friends and potential backers is that you can give a little to ultimately make a BIG difference.

Read more about the re-homing service with the Dog Care Clinic.

Many thanks for reading (and supporting!!)

Kate Hathway

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