Give ehe next generation a chance

Give ehe next generation a chance

I am a student who have opportunity to apply to study a year abroad in the USA but has a lack in funding for my studies. please help.

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My name is Rachel Davidson. I am a 23 years old and student of BA (Hons) International Business at the University of Central Lancashire with a visually impairment. I have been given the opportunity to apply to study a year abroad with the help of the ISEP Program.

As a student pursuing a career in International Business, the opportunity to study abroad is very important in my Degree and  it would enable me to experience a different culture and way of living which would enrich my education.

Ultimately, my aim in my education is to achieve the best of my abilities and grow from my experiences, which I can use to adapt and immerse myself into different cultures and situations. My love for learning and achieving excellence gives me a desire to help others realise and achieve their potential, which I would use to aid the growth of different companies and businesses. The year abroad will help me achieve my goals and I feel I will be a great asset.

I have been able to raise some of the funds myself but don't  have enough to cover my health insurance and part of my living costs.

please help make a different in a determent girls life.