Girls of Nowhere - Short Film

by Grace Smith in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

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Two young girls, Bea and Liv, embark on a filmmaking venture, but along the way their differences surface ...

by Grace Smith in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Why we need YOU!

Film-making, unfortunately for the case of a student budget, is no easy business. To deliver the quality that we all see in our minds eye we need all the financial help we can get to bring this world to the screen, this is where you guys come in!

With your generosity, we can deliver a short that we believe has so much potential. A film we are all backing to help us leave our wonderful film school 'with a bang', as you could put it. This story has been lovingly brought to life by each member of the crew over the course of the summer, and we're so excited to share it with you. 


Your generous contributions will go towards paying for professional actors and their chaperones, catering, transportation, locations, the art departments props, costumes, make up and set dressing as well as uniquely composed score.

It Takes a Village

As a female majority crew who have been firm friends and colleagues over these past three years; this story has come not only from our childhoods, but also from our experiences within female friendships. 

Director: Lucy Norie

1602881077_ln_headshots.jpegThis is Lucy, the director of this project! As a kid who used to have the most active imagination; she couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this short. She's always had a passion for story-telling that relates to the viewer in some way, while also highlighting significant issues that maybe they weren’t expecting to encounter when first sitting down to watch. ‘Girls of Nowhere’ is a peek into childhood that we’ve all worked so hard on and we’re looking forward to sharing it all with you.

'A big memory from my childhood was that on long car journeys I used to pretend I had this big black horse that used to run alongside the car and jump everything in its path. I was also convinced there were fairies in this stump in my back garden. I kinda drove my dad mad leaving little handmade books and snacks outside of it that used to jam up the lawnmower; can’t say the fairies weren’t well fed though!'

Producer: Grace Smith

1602880852_gs_headshots.jpegGrace is an aspiring producer who is thrilled to work on this project. She has been a busy bee over the years; working on several student projects and professional projects outside the course (Cursed (2020), An Unexpected Party (2019), and Next of Kin (2018) to name a few). When it comes to this project, there are many exciting opportunities, but one that stands out is the chance to work with child actors. 'I've always worked with children but never in this capacity before. I'm thrilled to be given this challenge and I'm sure it will be immensely rewarding'. 

'I spent most of my childhood wanting to be a zookeeper. I would spend hours arranging my collection of different animal toys into each enclosure and making my parents pay me in chocolate to see the exhibits. Sadly, Biology GCSE didn't go to plan!'

Cinematographer: Anna Jarai

1604688764_aj_headshot.jpgThis is Anna, the cinematographer for this project! She is in the second year of her degree and couldn’t be more happy to be part of such a special crew, helping to bring their vision to life. Enamoured by the nostalgic beauty of Girls of Nowhere, she is beyond excited to be working on something so whimsical yet so deeply rooted in reality. With her cinematography, she is aiming to encapsulate the simplicity of childhood and shed light on the socio-economic problems that lie beneath the surface of the story.

'Much like our main characters, I spent the majority of my childhood making little movies with my sister. I remember one time I had the brilliant idea to make a horror which was sort of a ghostly version of ’Home Alone’. I will never forget a certain shot in which my sister (the protagonist) was on her way to the kitchen and behind her in the hallway we see the ghost (played by myself) run way too slowly from one room to another, all while obnoxiously screaming "WOOOO!!”. I don’t know if it’s the seriousness of my intent to be scary or the execution of that moment that I find more hilarious but it’s something that makes me chuckle every time I remember it. Maybe it’s for the best that I ended up behind the camera and not in front of it after all…”

Writer/Production Designer: Grace Bolton

1602880784_gb_headshot.jpegThis is Grace, the writer and head of production design. It’s such a rare and exciting opportunity to be able to fill both of these roles as each role feeds into her understanding of the other, hopefully making for a much richer and more nuanced film. Writing and researching has been such an enjoyable process that’s lead her to some really excellent feature length and short films that concern themselves with girlhood and/or class, such as Lynne Ramsay’s short films or the films of Clio Barnard. Costume and dressing up plays a large part in the film as it did in her own childhood so she's excited to dress the girl’s in costumes that do justice to the ones she made and wore as a young girl.

'Much like the girls in our film, I spent my days dressing up and creating films and plays with friends and also my brothers. We were always eager to perform and create which has resulted in a number of well aged home movies on the computer at home. One of which is an extremely loose retelling of the Woman in Black made with my older brother having to film me act out each character and then chopped together with some very strategic editing'.

Editor: Nicole Angliss

1602880739_na_headshot.jpegHello ! This is Nicole Angliss and she will be the editor and colourist for this film. Over the past two years, she have been involved in several projects, most of which have focused on experimental themes and ideas. She has loved using colour and visual techniques to add meaning to a story as part of the making of these films and she's looking forward to bringing these skills to this particular story. She's especially excited to use colour to depict the vivid imagination of a child and can’t wait to bring these characters to life.

'Their story reminds me of a time that I spent making up dances in my living room and pretending I was on stage when I showed them to my parents! One New Year’s Eve I remember finding two wigs at the bottom of a dressing up box with my best friend and we spent the whole evening making up a dance to perform at midnight. While I’m sure it wasn’t a particularly well choreographed routine I remember everyone laughing and cheering when we both bowed at the end'.

Sound Designer: Sophia Owen Moulding

1602881015_som_headshot.jpgSophia is an enthusiast for cinematic sound, who loves to explore themes and characters through sound design. This film offers a lot of room for sound exploration which is something that's really enticing and exciting. She has always had her heart set on the wonders sound design - starting with a passion for music from a young age and progressing to where she is now. We can't wait to hear what she produces. 'I want to use creative sound choices to represent and explore a child's imagination on screen. It's going to be a really interesting challenge'.

'When I was younger I truly believed my toys had personalities and feelings. Before I left for school I would arrange them on my bed so that they wouldn’t be lonely, and would even place them next to each other depending on who I thought would get along best with who. Perhaps Toy Story was to blame!'


Heres everything you need to know:

1. Falling short of funding 

We are running an 'all or nothing', meaning that if we don't meet our goal we lose all your hard work and generosity. I'm sure you won't let us down so: donate large or small, and SPREAD THE WORD. 

2. COVID-19

We have every hope and belief that filming will go ahead. To best protect our actors and our crew all of us have gone through screen-skills COVID awareness training and have been certified. Therefore, we are certain we can keep everyone as safe as possible on set. The safety of everyone involved is our top priority and you will be the first to know should circumstance change before filming.

On a brighter note, we want to end by saying a massive thank you in advance and we can't wait to create this film.

All the best!

Girls of Nowhere Crew



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