Giraffe Mobile Education Project- Van needed!

Giraffe Mobile Education Project- Van needed!

Giraffe Mobile Education Project needs a van! In order to operate we need a van that we can convert into a mobile library.

We did it!

On 8th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £310 with 11 supporters in 28 days

Help Giraffe Mobile Education Project get MOBILE! 

Giraffe Mobile Education Project needs a van to convert into a mobile library that can fulfill our vision of seeing children and their communities 'stand tall' through reading.  

We are celebrating our 1st birthday on the 11th November, and it would be fantastic to do so with the funds to get mobile. Through events and donations we have raised £5.5k, if we could raise this £10,000 to purchase a van we would be able to become operational.   

Who We Are

Giraffe Mobile Education Project, or giraffe for short, aims to provide educational support to children of primary-school age in the Akropong Akuapem Township in Ghana. Providing regular access to books and other educational resources through a ‘mobile library’ travelling between several primary schools, giraffe will encourage children to learn with excitement and curiosity, becoming confident and taking greater pride in their education. Storytelling and drama, alongside the development of a personalised reading record for every child, will ensure that children are continuously discovering something new. Giraffe seeks to provide additional support for children with Special Educational Needs, as these children can often lack the confidence to learn. Giraffe aims to identify each child’s gifts helping them to develop these accordingly later in life.

Our values
  • We believe that every child deserves the best education

  • We believe it is crucial that every effort is made to instil the love and curiosity of reading at an early age

  • We believe in meeting the diversity of children’s individual needs

  • We believe in empowering whole families.

  • We believe in being adaptable and receptive to the needs of families

  • We believe in changing community perceptions of children with special educational needs

Giraffe aims to ensure that all children it serves receive quality educational support through leisure reading which builds upon techniques used in the existing curriculum, teaching strategies, and resources provided by the Akuapem-North Municipal Education Service. The charity has the recognition of this local education authority which will be actively collaborating with the project.

Giraffe will enable young people to enhance their life chances through accessible universal services, whilst also targeting the most vulnerable. The project will be embedded in the school communities.

Use of the animal name “Giraffe” appropriately demonstrates the aim of the project, which is to encourage children to grow up ‘standing tall’ – confident to read from an early age and empowered to go on to live healthier and more fulfilling lives through adolescence and into adulthood. Our passion is to see children learn and thrive and the project is designed to be educational and fun.

What problems will this project address?

By developing this complementary mobile and accessible educational resource, the project addresses the current lack of literacy resources in the community.

Secondly, the project addresses the lack of accessibility for pupils in outlying communities away from the town centre and their schools in gaining access to these reading materials, enabling them to do so during school hours and on school sites.

Thirdly, the project allows pupils of mixed abilities to complement each other’s learning and development in a fun and way.

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