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Building a system where everyone benefits, from children, young people, families and more importantly local children's charities.

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Project aim

Building a system where everyone benefits, from children, young people, families and more importantly local children's charities.

About the project

Ginger Duck is a new business, that aims to increase music participation in young people, adults and families, by connecting them with qualified and experienced music tutors.

My idea is to provide a sound platform for qualified and trustworthy music tutors to advertise their skills using videos, social media etc. The site syncs with a tutors calendars allowing for customers to book online. 

My overall aim is to increase the number of children, young people and families participating in music tuition. Music is not only fun but has an amazing inpact on childrens development and mental welbeing. My aim is to create thousands of jobs, whilst raising some money to help individuals as well as children's charities.

I believe that there are not enough opportunities to take up music, especially when we are forced instruments upon us at school, such as the violin or trumpet, when really all we want to do is play the drums, guitar and so on. This gives a child a negative experience of music, and therefore they simply give up. Who knows what they are good at, if they don't have other options?

The website gives children and parents the opportunity to find the tutor that is right for them.

At present we are looking to Launch Ginger Duck in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Merseyside, and West Yorkshire. Already we have a team of 10 people all working on Ginger Duck and we have created links with local media, social media and a large television network, who have all agreed to support us.

Ginger Duck was set up to ensure that everyone involved would benefit. Children, adults and families will excell from the benefits of learning and the extras that come with that. Local childrens charities will benefit, and we will also be creating a large number of jobs for music tutors. Also those who are more interested in more of the business side of things, will be given the opportunity to get stuck in to other areas of the business.

Having never built a website before, I have spent the last few months, working 15 hours a day learning and building what can only be described as one of the best websites out there for what we do.

To date, I have recruited 10 members of the team who are all currently recruiting the best music tutors in their areas.

- How much are you raising and where is the money going?

I am looking to raise anything up to £10,000 to help me get Ginger Duck out there. The £10k will be used primarily to pay music tutors for their services, with the remaining being used on some clever marketing techniques. We will be using any money left over to help children, who cannot afford private tuition, to get lessons.  

As all businesses struggle to get themselves off the ground, I am asking for support at an early stage, by asking for you to pledge your hard earned money. As a reward for you pledging your money, I have created some fantastic opportunities.

Ginger Duck has already built some excellent links and will become the first point of contact, when someone is looking for a music tutor in their area. This business is built on trust, and only good people, who want to make a diffference can be involved. 

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