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by Leon Dalloway in London, England, United Kingdom


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We raised £5k to help save Gin Journey, it was matched by the Mayor of London. We're buzzing, let's go a bit further.

by Leon Dalloway in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We'll be paying our staff and our transport companies and continue to grow Gin Journey. We'll build our website and put together more events with more up and coming gin brands to support the spirit and cocktail sector.

First of all it's a massive thank you.

That goes to anyone who has already donated or bought one of our Gin Journey rewards, you're a legend. We hit our preliminary target of £5k which means The Mayor of London has matched that and dropped another £5k in our Crowdfunder. You've helped at the most difficult time for this business. Mega cheers.

But when the team at Mayor of London give you an extra week to raise some more? What do you do?

Well I have decided to put my word, my running shoes and my poor feet on the line.

If we raise £15k you have my word that I'll take part in a triathlon.

If we hit £20k I'll be getting involved in a marathon (FFS)

Now considering I haven't done either before I actually don't know which is harder, but I'm a lot more scared of a marathon so that's how it's going.

However there's more, if we raise our stretch target of £50k I, Leon Dalloway, founder of Gin Journey, drinker of Martinis, breaker of targets and rightful leader of the 5 kingdoms (or something like that), will run a marathon in the desert of Nevada, USA.

Now I always said I wouldn't ever run a marathon but COVID innit. I've never been a natural runner although since lockdown I've started running the odd 5k and actually quite enjoy it, so I thought f*** it, let's see if we can get me running far and perhaps in my favourite place on the planet which just so happens to be a desert. And guys, fear not, I promise to have a Martini waiting for me at the end.

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