Gillingham DofE Open Award Centre Relocation

by YoungFriend in Gillingham, England, United Kingdom

Gillingham DofE Open Award Centre Relocation
We did it
On 27th April 2019 we successfully raised £7,985 with 63 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to secure the future of a 30yr old DofE group by relocating to a sustainable and accessible site.

by YoungFriend in Gillingham, England, United Kingdom


I'm writing for the Young Friends of Gillingham (Dorset) Duke of Edinburgh's Award Centre. We help to raise the funds needed to keep this great opportunity going for other people. It's a self funding Open Centre so anyone between the ages of 13 and 25 can join us. There isn't another one like it anywhere nearby. 

The adult side of things is all looked after by volunteers too. Their records show that 470 Awards were achieved since 2003 and there are 181 working for theirs at the moment.

The Award group has been based at the local Youth Club since it began, but the future use of that building isn't certain any more.

The staff tell us that where they work with people could be anywhere, but that the storage of the equipment has to be permanent, easy to access and safe and secure. We've got a lot of team equipment like tents and cookers, maps and compasses, as well as more personal items (eg rucksacks and sleeping bags) that can be borrowed and used without charge so that no-one has to worry about buying things if they cant afford it. 

We are so grateful that Gillingham School has said that we can use a corner of the school field to site a container, so now all we need to do is to find the money to buy and position one and to look after it. 

These are the costs of the stages of the relocation project:-

1. Excavate area to create level base  £2100

2. Purchase and site cabin/container £2350

3. Provide fence, gate and path to container from best access £1600

4. Supply electricity to the container £850

5. Shelving, to be installed by volunteers £1100

6. Lean-to roof/drying area £2000

Gillingham DofE OAC

A Christmas Fundraiser at Waitrose - such fun!


Town Treasure Hunt Saturday 2nd March 2019

Thank you Virginia Hayward Luxury Hampers for our launch day 1st Prize  - a megalicious Hamper, just in time for Easter. And there's an entry into a smaller draw for all competitors too, plus a bag of Haribo! 

Putting our Hunt together                                                                                                  Treasure Hunters!                                                                                                                


March 2nd started sunny but got colder so our quizmasters standing outside were i guess the hardier of the two crews - but being on the tail end of the smell of warm baking cake may have been more mentally challenging! 

Thank you WAITROSE and ASDA so much for your hospitality today. Simply being at the two stores has raised our profile and £152 in the collecting tins, so thank you too to their great customers!

The amazing Virginia Hayward Hamper was won by Matilda Stone for her family - well done. And large Easter Eggs for our worthy runners up. 

And Great News for 12 of our recent Gold Achievers

Congratulations to Zoe H, Benjamin C, Toby R, Robyn W, Mae G, Faye S, Lauren H, Rebecca N, George l, Thomas L, Rory C, Robyn G - all invitees to the #DofE Gold Award Presentation at Buckingham Palace in May 

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We are not in a good position to be able to offer individual rewards but would want to celebrate our success by inviting all project sponsors to a celebratory event in the summer of 2019. 

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