#GiftaSuperhero gifting the Frontline Workers!

by TEAM ATHENA 7S in United Kingdom


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We want to show thanks to the AMAZING frontline workers during Covid-19 and beyond! Showing our appreciation for these amazing Superheroes!

by TEAM ATHENA 7S in United Kingdom


Team Athena 7s & Covid-19

We want to raise funds to support our frontline SUPERHERO Heroines & Heroes now and in the future - We will use funds to deliver treat them to something special, mini breaks, event concert & sport tickets, gift cards, goods all showing our appreciation; anything we can do to show appreciation and make these incredible SUPERHEROES lives easier whilst showing how appreciated they are!

In a time when many people are being forced to stay in safety, the SUPERHEROES are those that will be fighting on the frontline of this horrendous virus, and will be looking forward to some time to relax when things slow down!

When this horrendous virus is dealt with we will use any funds left over to support our Heroines with some much needed relaxation and support charities that help them in the long run. 

The more we can raise the more we can do. With a network around the country we aim to help across the UK & Ireland where we can.

Let's show our appreciation to those that are so tiredly dedicating everything they have for us at the moment!

Any help donating, promoting, sharing with friends, colleagues, acquaintances would be hugely appreciated!

For those that are interested, here is a little about Team Athena 7s

We are a Women's Rugby 7s team for current & former Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Firefighters, Police, Armed Forces, NHS workers, Border Force, Search & Rescue. Those unsung Heroines in society, raising money & awareness for our chosen charities.

Sport can sit in the background for the moment! So we have taken the step in the current climate to raise much needed money for everyone's HEROIC Frontline workers.

Our Mission Statement:

'We strive to become a truly international team and brand, celebrating our strong women, whilst recognising the sacrifices they make daily on the frontline as; emergency workers, first responders, military personnel and healthcare professionals. We aim to honour the sacrifices made, without political, geographical affiliation or conflict; leaving behind force, country and views before stepping onto the pitch - united with a common goal as female heroines playing sport, inspiring the next generation of heroines on a sports pitch or society whilst promoting female participation in sport at all levels.'

About Team Athena

A Rugby 7s team for inspiring women made up of doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers, fire fighters, healthcare professionals, search & rescue, soldiers, sailors & airwomen from across the globe.

Rugby and our heroines are synonymous. The values of team work, physical fitness, determination and courage go hand in hand. Our players epitomise teamwork, determination, respect, integrity and inspiration in their daily lives.

Women’s Rugby is rapidly growing all over the world, but still often is seen as the afterthought to the Men’s game, with less availability and women’s games often the afterthought. We want to buck the trend and support our warriors putting them on centre stage with a 5 year plan to make Athena 7s the most recognised female invitational team in Europe and beyond. 

With the limited professionalism in women’s rugby the majority of players are also in full time employment whilst pursuing their dreams in the sport they love.

Our player base is achieved from societies everyday unsung heroines who put others before themselves.

Long Term Aims

Our aim is to have Team Athena athletes representing in multiple sports, running out onto sports pitches celebrating our heroines across the globe.
We are open to any sports either individual or team. We don't aim to enter professional league structures, but like to focus our sports on short tournaments with an emphasis on enjoyment and raising awareness for our fantastic causes.


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