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Introducing Crowdfunder eVouchers

Want to be able to share that fuzzy feeling you get from supporting great ideas and causes to those you care about?

Vouchers can be used to donate to all sorts of great ideas, good causes and over 20,000 different charities on Crowdfunder.

Find out more about how sending vouchers work below.

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How Crowdfunder vouchers work

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Select the value of the voucher you wish to purchase below

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Purchase & send

Pay for it using our easy and secure checkout system, then send it to your friend via email, or get it emailed to yourself

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Support great causes

Once the voucher has been redeemed, it can be used to support great causes.

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Want to buy Crowdfunder vouchers for your company or team?

Celebrate your staff's hard work by giving each of them the chance to support a great cause or idea.

Connect causes that matter with your employees and give Crowdfunder vouchers to your team.  

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Crowdfunder vouchers for your company

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the purchase and use of these vouchers are governed by Crowdfunder’s Vouchers Terms and Conditions as well as Crowdfunder's standard Terms of Use which cover all fundraising and crowdfunding activities and the financial payment services used on the platform. In addition to this we have provided some FAQs that apply to the use of vouchers. If you have any further questions about vouchers please email and we will be happy to assist you.

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